10 Great Wholesale Candle Companies To Check Out

Here at FGmarket, we LOVE candles. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lighting a few scented candles, and enjoying the flickering flame in the dim light of a calming evening at home.

We want to show off some of our amazing wholesale candle vendors, so you and your customers can enjoy their scents as well.

Here are 10 great candle companies for you to explore.

1. Honey House Naturals

Since 1994, Honey House Naturals’ motto has been “Natural, Nurturing, Unique,” and you’ll only find pure ingredients in everything Honey House Naturals makes. Try their Beeswax Candles, made from pure Canadian beeswax.

2. Blithe and Bonny, LLC

Blithe and Bonny is a family-run business that is dedicated to making environmentally friendly products for bath, body and lifestyle. Take a look at their specialty candles for some truly unique scents, including cacao, matcha, and pomander.

3. Skinny Dip Candles

Skinny Dip Candle makes a unique 4-in-1 massage candle that is a candle, massage oil, moisturizing lotion, and body balm. They are available in 36+ scents, so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect aroma.

4. Long Creek Candle Company, LLC

All of the candles manufactured by Long Creek Candle Company are made with natural soybeans from local Iowa farmers. Their candles are not only safe and free from chemicals, they also support the efforts of local farmers, by giving back to the community. You’ll also find tons of scents for any preference, from Autumn Harvest to Hot Apple Pie.

5. The Glorylight Candle Co.

Do you like your candles to not only smell good enough to eat, but also look good enough to eat? The Glorylight Candle Co. has you covered. Check out their collection of Bakery Candles, shaped to look hyper-realistic to the baked goods that they smell like!

6. More Than A Candle

More Than A Candle company’s candles really are what their name says; they make soy-based candles that safe, environmentally-friendly, and renewable. Unlike most candles, they have a very long burn time, so you can enjoy their scents for more hours than normal.

7. Shelly’s Smellies

Shelly’s Smellies is a great candle company with an interesting name. Named after the husband and wife team of Shelly and Smellie (Travis), Shelly’s Smellies makes palm wax-based candles, made with high-quality ingredients right here in the USA.  What started as a hobby has now become a fun and lucrative business for the couple!

8. Warm Glow Candle Company

Hearth Candles by Warm Glow Candle Company is their most popular product. These bumpy, lumpy candles weigh 2 pounds and have a total burn time of up to 150 hours! They come in some great scents, too, like Banana Nut Bread or Blueberry Cobbler.

9. Bridgewater Candle Company

The candles sold by Bridgewater Candle Company are elegant, handsome, and perfect for any home decor. Did we mention that they smell amazing as well? Check out their great selection of decadent scents to freshen up any home or office.

10. Brookfield Candle Company

Looking for great hand-poured soy candles from a family-owned business? Brookfield Candle Company is exactly who you’re looking for! They promise to only use the finest, uncut, undiluted oils in their candles, and their wicks are guaranteed to be lead-free with a cotton core. Take a look at their candles with wax butterflies for an extra surprise!

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