6 Growth Hacks That Will Change Your Business

Everyone loves a helpful hack, especially businesses. If there’s an easy way to do something, that results in more customers and more growth, what’s not to love?

Growth hacks, as they’re called by marketers, are simple ways to get great results that grow your business. Today, we’ve got a few tips that can help you “hack” your own business and grow it exponentially.

Recycle Old Blog Posts

When you publish a blog post, it’s fresh, interesting, and new content for your website. But, over time, that blog post that once was bright and new, can become old and outdated. It’ll eventually stop ranking as high as it once did, and will become lost among the hundreds of other blog posts you publish in a week, a month or a year.

Try recycling your old blog posts by updating the content on it, adding different keywords, and reposting it on your social media accounts.

Create Video Content

Video content is the way of the future, as far as content marketing goes. Think about when you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed these days. Do you see more video content or links to a website?

If your feed looks anything like mine, video content takes up more than half of all the content I see posted each and every day. And studies have shown that people are more likely to pay attention to video content rather than a link or picture post. You can also embed videos into pages on your website, or attach them to blog posts. Try integrating video content into your marketing strategy and see how it can boost your social interactions and your website traffic.

Focus On Keywords

Have you researched how important certain keywords are for your websites search engine ranking? Specific keywords help search engines to pull up your website whenever people search on Google or another search engine for specific things.

For example, if you spread keywords like “wholesale,” “organic,” and “Made in the USA” throughout your website and in blog posts, you’re more likely to be found by people searching for those specific keywords when they’re on a search engine. Try boosting some of your old blog content with new, fresh keyword and see if it increases traffic to your website.

Invest In Social Advertising

Advertising is a marketing tool that’s as old as shopping itself. If you want people to buy from you, you have to make yourself known to them and show them why they need your product.

Advertising in the modern age has moved away from traditional mediums, such as billboards and magazine ads, and focused more on digital advertising on places like websites, search engines, and social media. Invest a few extra bucks into social media sponsored posts on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to target those customers who you might not be able to reach through old-school advertising methods.

Talk To Sales/Customer Service About FAQs

When’s the last time you asked your sales or customer service teams what kinds of questions they get the most from customers? They probably get a lot of the same questions over and over again. You can take this information, and craft your next blog post or email around it.

Find out what the FAQs (frequently asked questions) are for your business, and craft an amazing blog post around those questions. Your customers will appreciate seeing that you’re listening to their questions, comments, and complaints.

Make Email Interesting Again

How’s your email marketing going? Do you find yourself thrown into your customer’s spam folder more often than you’d like to be? Are people responding positively to your sales emails? You might need to rethink your email content.

Try changing up the way you speak to customers through your emails. Maybe take a more lighthearted approach to marketing, and craft the tone of your emails in a more conversational way.

It’s also important to check your emails for its spam risk. There are lots of free services out there that can help assess your email for its spam risk, but a general rule is to make sure you have a higher text to picture ratio in your email to avoid being accidentally tossed into the spam folder.

These six growth hacks aren’t the only ways to boost your sales, but they’re a great first step. Explore more growth hacks in your business, and see what works for you.

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