Want Activity Books For Kids That Parents Will Love?

If you’re interested in reaching parents who buy toys, reach out to Lee Publications who is a leading provider of wholesale children’s activity books. These aren’t just any activity books, mind you. These are fun and educational activity books that capture the child’s attention and often the parent’s as well.

Remember magic ink books from when you were a child? How about activity and sticker books that helped you learn your alphabet though you didn’t know it? If you remember how fun it was to watch your friends gasp over invisible ink, you’ll know how much fun you’re allowing the children in your store to have.

For parents, keeping children entertained is a constant battle. Parents who want their children to learn in a fun way often buy children’s books and activity books. Educational activity books are great travel companions, bedtime buddies, and easy ways for parents to interest their children in reading and learning. Want to offer children’s activity books that these parents will do cartwheels for? Lee Publications has more than you’ve ever dreamed.

Lee Publications has children’s books about easily recognizable characters. Get ready for the “Mommy! Can I have that?”s because a flood will come your way when you offer great activity books like the Disney Ratatouille 2in1 Magic Ink Book or the Marvel Ironman Invisible Ink Game Book. Lee Publications offers many titles with licensed characters from popular comic books and Disney movies. With over 200 titles to choose from, there is no shortage of entertainment for children of all ages.

Lee Publications also has fun activity books that encourage kids to learn the alphabet and math skills. The Guess And Show series is a wildly popular series of educational activity books that let children learn through play–the strongest way to teach children. Books that both educate and enthrall are hands-down winners for every parent. Educational activity books from Lee Publications, well, there’s just no other brand that compares.


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