Arrington Design Brings Natural Stoneware To Any Home

If the modern world has become too much to handle, let the stunning stoneware pieces of Arrington Design be a breath of fresh air for your home!

The beginnings of Arrington Design can be traced back to Idaho when Gerald Arrington attended Idaho State University. He studied geology and this passion collided with his love for clay. Arrington’s ceramics were the product.

Arrington’s one-of-a-kind products are based in northern California. The process of creating each piece includes throwing a closed form on a wheel, adding color and then crafting the stoneware to resemble a river stone worn by the water.

There are stoneware pieces not only for your home but specifically for the table and any garden. Love bringing the outdoors in? Take a bouquet of flowers and craftily arrange them in one of Arrington’s Caldera Vases. The stone-like vases, glazed on the inside, are a contrast of a strong stone shape with thin edges.

Unique Kitchen Pieces

For the nature-lover looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen or dining area, Arrington’s table art collection is sure to delight. His salt and pepper sets look exactly like smooth, colorful stones one might find on a river bank, but have been crafted to hold spices and herbs. Glazed bowls will also add a beautiful earthen feel to any table and get guests in touch with their natural side. These bowls are not only perfect for holding dry foods, but they can be turned into a beautiful centerpiece with simply water and a floating flower!


Perhaps the most exquisite of Arrington’s pieces are his sculptured teapots. Crafted to imitate a stone held up with a piece of driftwood, it is an item that will bring peace and quiet to your kitchen.

Your garden will flourish and transform into a place of serenity and happiness with one of Arrington’s fountains as a centerpiece. Each customized fountain offers not only a place to sit near when looking for relaxation but as a space for small animals to visit for drinking and bathing.

Take a step back from the glaring lights and harsh sounds of technology. The stoneware of Gerald Arrington and Arrington Design will bring new life to your home as it soothes and relaxes!

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