Find Great Jewelry In A Snap With Snap Jewels

Finding jewelry to match every outfit is a pain. If you’re anything like me, matching is a top priority! Leaving the house can be stressful when you can’t find the perfect addition to that outfit. Snap Jewels has helped solve that problem.

Starting more than 25 years ago, Artsy Auctions began as a fundraising avenue for businesses large and small. It has raised more than $8 million for charities, faith-based groups, art organizations, and women’s clubs.

Their latest endeavor is Snap Jewels. Europe has been the leader in this idea of interchangeable jewels in jewelry for years. Snap Jewels came to America with this same principle learned overseas and are providing creativity and flexibility within its jewelry.

Snap Jewels sells interchangeable jewelry that can fit into any budget. Braided leatherettes, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces and earrings are all starting pieces for the snap-in jewelry. The base pieces mentioned are unique in the fact that each is fitted for all the snap jewels in the collection. So starting with the braided leatherette collection, these different pieces can be fitted with unique and colorful snap-in pieces.

To match the piece of snap jewel to your individual style is easy! Snap Jewels’ custom line is broken into three categories. These categories are Vintage, Antique, and Boutique. More than 140 different styles of these custom Snap Jewels are available. Choose from different colors or different shapes.

The second collection provided by Snap Jewels is a broader offering. These categories include collegiate, numbers, beaded, music, flowers and more. Supporting your favorite team, showing off your initials or showing a passion for the arts has never been easier. These snap jewels can be interchanged to fit any event or setting.

Known across the industry for the best priced and highest quality interchangeable jewelry, Snap Jewels is the go-to option for custom jewelry with a unique touch. Each one of Snap Jewels’ products will be shipped within 24 hours and is 100% guaranteed to meet your expectations. There’s no need to have a thousand jewelry pieces when you can have one base and customize it with snap jewels! So, think about Snap Jewels the next time you’re in the market for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

You’re in Luck with Woodluck LLC

In today’s environmentally conscious society, taking care of Mother Nature is a top priority. Natural resources that were once abundantly available are quickly dwindling. But never fear, because Woodluck LLC has designed a solution to an everyday product that could help generations to come. They’ve changed the pencil industry by making pencils from REAL twigs!

How do you make a pencil from just a twig? Glad you asked! Woodluck has formed a process that will never hurt the tree when harvesting twigs from it. Then, each pencil is hand cut and sharpened. This is considered a recycled product because of this unique technique. Once the pencil has been cut and sharpened by hand, graphite (not lead) is inserted as the writing core.

To ensure the strength of the twig, the graphite is one and a half inches from the end on each side. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind prize! No two pencils are the same because no two twigs are the same.

On top of making the world’s finest recycled pencils, Woodluck has branched out to engraved gift sets, bookmarks, gnomes, and assorted wood pieces. Every product is handcrafted to ensure its quality, but also to make each item unique. The most coveted line of natural wood products is the Wildlife Collection. This exclusive line features five quality

The most coveted line of natural wood products is the Wildlife Collection. This exclusive line features five quality wood types that make up pieces from the sea, forest and zoo!

Woodluck is known for their pencils. They have also branched out into custom wood pieces that will be unique to each individual. The natural, recycled pencils come in sets of 10. In this bundle, you have the option of three sizes and different lead colors. Remember, each Woodluck pencil will be unlike any before or after; a truly custom design. Find Woodluck LLC on the web ( to see the best prices available, including wholesale pricing. Never use a regular pencil again!

Fun, Functional, and Fashionable With Parade Street Products

How do you outfit your retail shop with the best products that will fly off the shelves? As a buyer, what products are the hottest on the market? Are big ticket items the best option or should you add in small impulse buy items at the register? All of these questions can be answered by Parade Street Products.

The team at Parade Street Products produces high-quality goods for your retail shop and covers the gamete of choices. They offer nine different categories of items that will be the perfect addition to any store.

The first five categories for Parade Street Products feature the finishing touches on any outfit. With the most selection, bags are a hot commodity at Parade Street. More than 60 SKUs are included in this line. It’s everything from small clutches to cellphone carriers to large bags for carrying all your travel pieces.


What is the perfect pairing to a special bag? Wallets of course! Eighteen wallet selections are found within the collection. Feeling sophisticated? Try out the Halifax wallet with animal print and gold chain zippers. Feeling more sporty? Make sure to check out the Bella-Retro Beach collection. These mini wallets can hold business cards, gift cards, ID and cash all without taking up too much space.

Scarves and Jewelry

Scarves and jewelry are also featured items within the assortment of products available. Many of these options are on the cutting edge of trends and are sure to fly off the shelf. Beanies, socks, glasses and gloves round out the accessories category at Parade Street Products. The perfect little addition to the already good-looking outfit, these pieces are the perfect supplement to an already full cart.

Home Decor

Parade Street Products also provides its retailers with home decor. A 50 item variety headlines this group. The staple product is definitely the custom deer head wall decorations. They come in three colors: brown, natural and red. These are the picture-perfect way to add style and fun to your home or office. Many pieces of unique artwork and quotes are featured within the home decor line.


Another popular set of items is the lightboxes. These feature inspiring quotes, pictures, and sayings. Make sure to check these out for all the customers running through your store.

Rounding out the selection at Parade Street Products are the display pieces and impulse buy options. Placing impulse buy items directly next to the register will not only bring attention to the final point of the sale but increase the cart size! What better way to outfit your loyal customers than with bracelets and other trinkets that are sure to satisfy. There’s also no need to worry when trying to display smaller items. The team at Parade Street has five different options for displaying the smaller gift items within the store.

Altogether, Parade Street Products is a one-stop shop for your retail needs. They pride themselves on customer service and integrity. So, the next time you’re outfitting a retail store or just looking for some upgrades, check out Parade Street Products!

Enriching Lives Through Garden Voyage Botanicals

Finding a solution to dry, uncomfortable skin can be a difficult task. It is often filled with trial and error. Many soaps claim to provide amazing benefits, but do they actually deliver on said promises? Garden Voyage Botanicals continues to provide outstanding products that exceed expectations time and time again.

Garden Voyage was founded on one simple principle: helping people enjoy the “voyage” through their garden. Based in Newark, Delaware, the team at Garden Voyage makes sure to manufacture high-quality soaps that will satisfy every customer. These lightly fragranced soaps are vegetable-based and leave the skin feeling clean and rehydrated. Their soap sets are designed to be affordable and make great gifts throughout the year. They can be used in your fundraising projects, home parties, and as corporate gifts.

Garden Voyage prides itself on vegetable-based soaps. If you’re unfamiliar with vegetable-based soaps, you will be happy to note that none of these soaps contain sodium tallowate. Sodium tallowate is commonly found in stores selling mass-produced soaps. This chemical has been proven to lead to eczema in some individuals. Shower safely and clear-minded with vegetable-based soaps made by Garden Voyage.

On top of using phenomenal ingredients, Garden Voyage adds in fresh smells from essential oils. Their most popular set features three bars to choose from. It is called the Birdbath Series. These American-made soaps are unique in many ways. They use certified palm oil and a generous amount of shea butter. Each is preservative-free and triple milled to last longer. This approach produces an exceptional soap with a creamy lather that cleanses, softens and soothes. So no need to worry about dry, flaky skin after a shower.

Pure essential oils ensure the peppermint and lavender bars provide moments of aromatherapy throughout your busy week. The Gardener’s soap features cranberry seeds and walnut shell powder to ensure cleaning up is almost as enjoyable as your time in the garden!

Look no further than Garden Voyage Botanicals for awesome soaps!

Innovation, Quality and FUN From Skullduggery, Inc.

What if there was a way to mix fun and education? What if there was a way to have fun playing with “children’s” toys? Look no further than Skullduggery!

Fun and education can meet in a way that may surprise you. Skullduggery is the world’s leading creator of high-end fossil replicas, unique car race toys, and educational toys for kids. Skullduggery is known for eight distinct product lines since their inception in 1987.

Most known for the Max Traxxx systems, Skullduggery has been engineering 1/64 scale car races for more than two decades. Create custom racers, decorate light up cars, or simply blaze streaks of light on glow-in-the-dark tracks, with Skullduggery products.

Skullduggery sets are perfect for both beginning and advanced race fans as variable speed remote control cars, gravity powered vehicles, skill jumps, lap counters, electronic finish gates, straight-aways, loops, tunnels, curves and adjustable track heights allow racers to control course difficulty. All of these features come standard on your Max Traxxx racing set!

Now here’s where the education meets fun: Smithsonian kits and puzzles. Skullduggery utilizes creative and interactive ways to create models of interesting topics for young kids. Whether it’s the Smithsonian human skeleton casting kit or the Smithsonian jigsaw puzzle of the Americas, these kits are used to educate a young mind while engaging their creativity. Each kit comes with all the things needed to build an amazing piece of artwork.

Also within the educational realm, the Skullduggery team provides the world’s most authentic fossil replicas available. These same fossil replicas are featured in many museums worldwide. Each one of these fossil replicas is formed from the original pieces found in museums or private collections. So when kids are playing with these fossils, they are seeing exactly what a piece of our earth’s history looks like.


Skullduggery features exciting packaging, unique designs, and U.S. manufacturing that tempts children and parents alike. All of their products are available for kids, grandkids or specialty store, and each product ships from a 10,000 square foot facility in Anaheim, California. Next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, make sure to check out Skullduggery. Your customers’ kids and grandkids will be thanking you!

Getting Decorative Outside With Garden Iron & More

Vendor Spotlight
Vendor Spotlight

Summer is in full swing across the United States and gardens everywhere are getting visual upgrades. This season calls for BBQs, time in the pool and garden iron. Garden Iron & More is ready to help take your garden’s visual experience to a whole new level. Garden Iron & More is the most sought after creator of vintage metal garden accessories.

When searching for a new piece that will add charm and appeal to your yard, look no further than Garden Iron & More. The team there has more than 20 different outdoor metal garden accessories to choose from.

Planning the perfect outdoor setting has never been easier with the wide array of accouterments ranging from chairs and benches to garden lanterns. Designing your garden starts with the greenery but immediately shifts to the seating arrangements. Garden Iron & More features 41 different bench designs alongside 18 unique table and chair combinations. Make sure to grab a children’s bench for that young garden lover in your family. From the seating arrangement, you can transition into the wide selection of trellises and topiaries.

Once the basics are set perfectly in the backyard, it’s time to decorate the rest of the garden. Try finding an arch that will accentuate the entrance to the seating area. Between the 36 arches, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking whether elegant or simple.

Finding a place for the wildlife to make a home is also an essential. Garden Iron & More features bird houses and plant stands. Finish the decorations off with other unique garden accessories. The list is endless when looking at garden stakes, wall decor, iron animals, candelabras and much more.

Garden Iron & More is in the business of giving you the perfect garden you’ve always seen in magazines. They feature custom pieces that you just can’t find anywhere else. They pride themselves on strict quality control and customer service. They’ve made a name for themselves in the industry (including features in national magazines), so why not make them your choice for garden accessories?

BBDZIGN Is Focused On Growing Small Businesses All Over The Globe

Finding the perfect pieces to display throughout your store could be the most critical decision. The tough part comes in at the very end when finding the best pieces to fill all the spots without looking like clutter.

BBDZIGN is the number one provider of retail acrylics. They can provide your small business with easy revenue in a small amount of space.

Customized For You

Key chains, travel mugs, magnets, mini magnets, and coasters are the featured items at BBDZIGN. Instead of more stock, the best plan is to carry more versatile stock, items that have the ability to be more than one thing and appeal to more than one demographic. Each of these items is sold blank. That means that each item can be fully customized to your customer’s liking. All that is needed for the customization is a photograph and it will easily slide into the holder.

Custom Coaster
Custom Coaster

Helping Small Businesses

While helping retail shops and stores is important, another focus of BBDZIGN is the ability to help artists and photographers. Featuring your artwork and distributing it throughout your neighborhood, city, state or even country can be extremely tough and expensive. That’s why distributing that artwork in fantastically made acrylic pieces is the perfect move. All of these pieces will complement the artwork to show just how beautiful it is. The acrylic also won’t take away from the beauty.

Blank Acrylic Keychains
Blank Acrylic Keychains

BBDZIGN offers excellent customer service with orders to ensure you have what you need when you need it, and all shipments can be delivered in as little as 3-5 days. They believe keeping customer service at a premium is a very important part of their company, and are committed to meeting your needs in a timely and efficient manner. So if you’re looking for versatile products that will allow you and your customers more options, you want snap lid acrylic products from BBDZIGN!

Rockhill Designs Jewelry Is Custom Made With Love

Most jewelry and accessories seen today can be found on a multitude of shelves in any store on the block. Isn’t it time to break away from the normal, bland jewelry?

That’s where Lynette’s passion came from. She has enjoyed making unique pieces for over two decades! A hobby turned full-time when the demand for beautifully crafted jewelry and accessories rose, Rockhill Designs is the only spot to shop for jewelry these days. Rockhill Designs features three categories of custom jewelry. These are jewelry, watches, and accessories.

The Rockhill Designs jewelry line consists of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. The bracelet line displays thoughtful pieces made with a wide variety of materials. Choose from sterling silver to copper chains. The “All in the Wrist” dangle is a crowd favorite bracelet. Earrings come in many shapes and sizes. Rockhill Designs has just the one for you. Whether it’s a big hoop or small studs, Lynette has created the best-looking custom pieces around.

Necklaces are another popular piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Lynette and Rockhill Designs features eight different styles. These are leather, mixed metal, statement, tassel, multi-strand, pearls and sterling, pendant and single strand. No matter your taste, the perfect necklace for any occasion is waiting for you at Rockhill.

Rockhill Designs carries only the best products and they have teamed up with TOKYObay and La Mer watches. These watches are beautiful and functional. They pair perfectly with all of the handmade creations Lynette comes up with. More than 20 styles of watches to pair nicely with a new ring or bracelet!

Continuing to manufacture only the best products, Rockhill Designs took the passion and dedication of jewelry and put that into the accessories line. This unique line features belts, headbands, scarves, silk jewelry rolls and wristlets.

Your favorite outfit is sure to impress when paired with jewelry pieces and accessories from Rockhill Designs. Lynette’s passion turned into a business that seeks to provide affordable, but truly beautiful jewelry to its customers. At Rockhill, they are all about beautiful jewelry, accessories, family and awesome customer service. The next time you’re looking for gorgeous jewelry, check out Rockhill Designs!

Silver Star Crystal And Silver Has The Finest Home Decor And Silver Products Around

Luxurious. Refined. Sophisticated. Do you want those words describing you?

If hosting is a top priority, only the finest silver will do. Silver Star Crystal and Silver is just the place. Since 2008, Jewel and Bob have provided only the most beautiful pieces for your home and gifts for others. Ranging from six categories of silver and crystal ware, Silver Star delivers on its promise of impeccable customer service and online shopping experience. A drink with friends and family is a great way to form deeper bonds and share memories together. Having the perfect barware is only going to add value to the moment. Silver Star Crystal and Silver features marvelous barware fitting for any fine alcohol. This

A drink with friends and family is a great way to form deeper bonds and share memories together. Having the perfect barware is only going to add value to the moment. Silver Star Crystal and Silver features marvelous barware fitting for any fine alcohol. This includes wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer mugs, decanters, and more. Within this collection, five unique brands are available. Choose between Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Albert, Reed and Barton, and Silverstar International.

While perusing the wine glasses, be sure to check out the Waterford serving trays and the Jo Sampson’s Elysian Ice Bucket also by Waterford.

Pictures capture the beautiful moments in life that can be shared with others. At Silver Star, they offer a gorgeous collection of silver and crystal picture frames that perfectly displays life’s greatest moments. From digital frames to sterling silver, their frames let you relive your best memories. The stunning design of each frame adds a classy element to any home while also memorializing the pictures chosen.

Finding a classy, refined look for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Transform your home with the finest silver and crystal. Choose from clocks, vases, and lighting fixtures that beautifully accentuate your home decor. This will be sure to add class to a home and guests will just adore spending time there.

Speaking of guests, Silver Star Crystal and Silver provides amazing gifts. Look no further when determining the perfect gift. The team at Silver Star is known for the wine gifts that family and friends love. You can also find items like collectibles, tea sets, travel mugs, picture frames and jewelry.

Next time you’re in the market to show someone just how much you care, Silver Star Crystal and Silver should be the first and only online shopping experience.

Beauty and Elegance From Mark Steel Jewelry

Finding that special someone the perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be an impossible task anymore. The jewelry industry sometimes finds itself getting away from beauty, elegance and quality. That isn’t the case with Mark Steel Jewelry.

Mark Steel has been in the business of making the highest quality pieces at affordable prices for a long time. Their custom jewelry comes in many different categories. Ranging from necklaces to bracelets to earrings to pendants, the team at Mark Steel Jewelry will surely have what you’re looking for in superb jewelry.

Mark Steel Jewelry’s earrings can be found in eight unique styles. The first style, confetti, delivers a distinctive design. The confetti earrings combine sleek styles with a rounded effect to bring out your favorable features. Dangle and Garden earrings from Mark Steel feature a casual, but elegant look. Hanging from the ear lobe, dangle earrings swing and move with your movements. This will be sure to get attention from the entire room. The garden earrings display a wide array of lily flowers. The lily inspired pieces say “spring” like no other.

The last category most definitely conveys true elegance. Hoop, gallery, and party earrings round out the selection. You can’t leave the house without a pair from this category. They send out a message that refined luxury is something you’ve been paying attention to in your outfit. Party earrings are sure to grab attention from the minute you walk in the room. These come in tons of different colors to showcase the best of you.

The next two categories of Mark Steel Jewelry are bracelets and rings. So many styles are available within these two categories. Bangle bracelets feature a full circle of sterling silver. Opting for a cuff? Mark Steel has those, too! Choose from more than 15 unique designs in the cuff bracelets. These aren’t just normal cuffs, they will pop on your wrist. The final choice of bracelets is the link bracelet. These bracelets use connecting pieces of sterling silver to really bring a fresh approach to bracelets. The next category features two types of rings. If you can’t quite nail down your ring size, adjustable rings are the way to go. Mark Steel can provide the best looking adjustable rings, or you can opt for the traditional ring with no adjustments.

Mark Steel Jewelry also features pendants and necklaces that are statement pieces. These pendants and necklaces come in many different colors and styles to really express your personality. Popular styles include Leaf Swarovski Pearl in sterling silver, Niobium Lace Pendant, Hammered Triangle Pendant, and Sunflower Pendant. No matter the situation, Mark Steel gives your neck something special.

When seeking a new piece of amazing jewelry, Mark Steel Jewelry is a one-stop shop for all your jewelry needs. They can fit every personality and occasion. Be sure to visit their website before purchasing anything else!