Don’t Cry! Don’t Fret! Baby Items Sell The Best!

Billions of dollars are spent every year on baby gifts and baby care items.

Future projections expect sales growth in this market to go even higher.

With a wide customer base consisting of parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, and co-workers, baby gifts and baby care items are proven strong sellers.

Making the Billion Dollar Baby Market Work For You

We know the baby market is huge. So how do you bring all that this niche offers in potential sales into your shop? It begins with deciding which of the many baby item categories (clothing, toys, gifts, etc.) you want to carry. Then you find the right baby accessory wholesalers and build from there.

Any time you add a new item or category to your market mix, you must first research your clientele and their needs. To get started, I’ve highlighted a few baby product strategies that will help with selecting the right items for your customers’ needs.

Baby Steps In Sales: Start With Shoes

Walk right into a great baby product niche: baby shoes. You know it’s a highly desired baby accessories when you have Nike® and Reebok® offering tiny shoes for babies.

The opportunity for this niche is tremendous. Babies need shoes — lots and lots of shoes. Why? Because they out grow them before they wear them out.

The key is to carry a few cute and fashionable styles of baby shoes for boys and girls in a variety of sizes.

As you select your baby shoe wholesaler keep one thing in mind: the oohing and aahing factor. The cuteness factor in baby shoes is what makes sales soar.

Go Gaga With Multiple Category Wholesalers

The quickest and easiest way to jump into the baby market is by finding a wholesaler with multiple product lines.

These wholesalers will offer baby items from trendy baby clothing to cute decorations, as well as educational toys and baby care items.

In the baby gift and care market, multiple category wholesalers are the easiest way to go. They are your virtual one-stop baby shop. These wholesalers can make it easy for you to dip your toes into the baby product market.

Tip Toe Through The Unique

Educational items are top priority for many customers. Interactive toys are one segment of the baby market with great appeal.

These baby toys attract the attention of the infants and toddlers while helping them develop motor and cognitive skills.  Unique in design and aesthetics, these baby toys are a must-have for any store.

Even seemingly ordinary baby items can become unique baby items. Look for products that have a unique twist to an age-old product like a baby blanket made of lambs wool or a baby wipe with special qualities.

Even baby room decorations can fall into this special attribute category.

As you are viewing the products and suppliers below, you’ll see FGMarket has some of the best baby care, baby gift, and baby decor items.  So, grab a sheet of paper and be ready to make some notes on the products and vendors you’ll need for your shop.


  1. Luke says

    It wasn’t until recently that the only parents who could afford to buy natural and organic babywear were those who could afford the expensive price tags that went along with them. But, now that has all changed for parents. Because, of developments in craftsmanship and manufacturing, reasonable pricing has become available. Anyone can now afford to have his or her baby put the best possible foot forward.

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