Sooth Irritated Noses With Boogie Wipes

What can you say about a company named Boogie Wipes, or whose motto is “Snot Your Average Wipe”? You can say this is one heck of a product! Let me explain: Boogie Wipes are exactly what the name implies– wipes for your child’s nose.

What sets this wipe apart from regular tissues or other wet wipes? The saline moisture incorporated into every wipe makes this  superior to other baby wipe  accessories.

These baby wipes contain no burning alcohol, which can further irritate children’s noses. Instead, they contain chamomile and aloe to sooth tender noses. All these natural ingredients help to wipe away the boogies while softening congesting mucus. Besides all of the gentle and functional qualities, Boogie Wipes are hypoallergenic and physician recommended.

They maybe a fantastic product for babies, but they are also an awesome personal care product for adults. Adults need a little tender loving care when their noses are plagued with colds or allergies. Rough tissues irritate runny noses. Boogie Wipes protect the nose while removing unwanted mucus. Everyone needs a pack of boogie wipes around.  Get a pack and tame those boogies!

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