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Does your store sell gourmet food or candy? With 70 billion dollars in yearly sales, candies and gourmet foods are a lucrative product line that appeal to a wide customer base. If you are already selling them, great! If you don’t sell gourmet food and candy, you are missing out.

For those new to gourmet food, chocolates, and candies, you should investigate all the possibilities that these niche markets offer. Begin by checking out the many wholesale gourmet food suppliers and wholesale chocolate and candy vendors, available on FGmarket.

If you sell specialty foods and gourmet candies, but are looking to widen your customers base think about going corporate.

Corporate Sales

What does going corporate mean? It is about targeting corporations as a segment of your market place or customer base. In this marketing strategy, corporations are any business whether large, small or sole-proprietorship.

The object of marketing is to define who your customers are and to satisfy their needs with your products. Like any other customer, corporations have wants and needs.

They have the need to prove their appreciation to hardworking employees and valuable customers. Around the holidays, corporations often give gifts as a way to show their appreciation.

You want to capitalize on the corporate gift-giving purchases taking place each year. How and with what products can you achieve this goal? Candies and gourmet foods are a good way to break into the corporate gift-giving market. After all, specialty foods provide the perfect one-size-fits-all gift.

Making Corporate Sales Work For You

Begin with a marketing contact plan. Create a list of companies you plan to target with your marketing activities. Start with businesses you already have a relationship with, such as your local bank or insurance provider. To expand your list, contact your local Chamber of Commerce; they can give the address and contact name for every business and manufacturer in your area.

Once you have developed your marketing target list, you can go ahead with the development your marketing message for this niche.

Creating A Profitable Corporate Product Mix

Your marketing message for this target niche needs a unique approach. Take a look at your gourmet food and candy items. By themselves they are very appealing, but the corporate customer requires more.

Remember, as a reflection of their company the perceived value of the gift is important. However, the profitability of their company is a major concern for businesses.  Therefore, price and perceived value are very important to the corporate client.

To capture this business, you’ll need cost-effective gifts with a dazzling presentation. It is essential that you offer three to five price options.

When developing corporate gift selections, choose standard mark-up items that you can apply a 5-15% discount for volume orders while still turning a profit.

Include items in a low price range (like a $10 to $15 gourmet chocolate bar or a specialty jelly or jam), a mid price range and a luxury price range (truly custom gift baskets) in your gift options.

Marketing Your Candy, Chocolates and Gourmet Foods

It is all about the presentation.  Every retailer knows the importance of displaying products to attract customers. The only difference with corporate customers is where they see your products.  Instead of coming to your place of business, you may need to go to theirs.

Creating go-the-go marketing pieces helps close the sale.  Make up samples of the gift baskets, take photos, and print a flyer or brochure that includes a list of  all the items, pricing and volume discounts. Having been a retail shop owner, I know creating sales brochures and directly marketing pieces are a bit intimidating especially when targeting specific places and people. But, these on-the-go samples and marketing pieces are a necessary tool for attracting corporate clients.  Don’t forget to include your business card inside the basket; this way the receiver will know where to go for the yummy treats.

Making the right contact guarantees success. Companies you are familiar with are an easy way to get started. However, you can branch out to companies you are unfamiliar with as well.  The following steps can help you approach new companies:

  • Find out who the contacts are for each company. Simply phone the company and asking who is in charge of gifts and  promotions. If you can’t get the information, then mail out the  brochures to the owner or manager of the business.
  • Phone the contact person and share with them what you can offer and that you’d love to met with them and give a sampling of the gourmet food and candies you handle.

Selling to corporate accounts isn’t difficult. It just takes a bit of planning and effort.  Once you do a few of these sales calls you’ll find them easier to do. You may even find yourself enjoying the outside selling experience.

The Benefit of Going Corporate

This marketing strategy will create a repeat sales ripple effect.  By selling these products to corporations, they help introduce your products to their customers. In an essence, they market your product. Hopefully this introduction will lead to a new customer who will visit your store to purchase more of your deletable delights for themselves or for future gifts.

The holiday season is up coming!  Now is a great time to check your gourmet food and candies & confections supply to see if you need to add any new vendors or products to make up your sales boosting corporate gourmet food and candy baskets!

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