Keep Your Emails Fresh and Exciting With These 3 Tips

A lot of times, we as business owners get into a tired routine of sending out the same emails to our email lists. These emails oftentimes lack innovation or a real and engaging voice, and they are usually ignored by customers.

When putting together a great promotional email, you have to take into consideration what your customers are thinking when they open their inbox every day. Even more important, think about what makes you open an email in your own inbox. Is it a catchy subject line? Great deals? Interesting content?

As it turns out, it’s a combination of all of these things. Find out how you can revamp your email strategy, with these three tips.

Craft Engaging Subject Lines

Your subject line is where you have the first opportunity to either reel in customers and convince them to open your email, or turn them away off of what you’re trying to sell to them. So how do you create a subject line that’s enticing to people?

There are lots of different ways to approach your subject line, but one of the most effective ways is to craft a subject line that leads customers directly into your email. Usually, this involves a question, like “Want to know a secret?” or “Have you seen these deals?” It can also be a tantalizing line, like “You’ll never believe these prices” or even broadcasting the promotion directly in the subject line, such as “Get 40% off these great products.” Create a great subject line, and you can lead your customers into opening your email.

Give It A Voice

How do you write the content that fills your promotional emails each time they’re sent out? Do you write in a way that’s strictly sales-minded, or do you try to make them more casual?

Most people, especially those from the millennial generation and younger, are gravitating toward businesses who have found a voice that sounds like how they communicate with each other. What does that mean? Well, it’s all about authenticity. While many people might think the younger generation is obsessed with fake online personas, they actually care more about real, authentic experiences than you might think.

One of the most important things for people to feel when you’re trying to sell a product to them is a sense of authenticity. Write your emails like your trying to form a relationship with your customer, not in a way that makes it seem like you only care about selling to them.

Lead Them To What They Care About

As anyone who does email marketing knows, the email is only the beginning of selling to a customer; you also have need to convince them to click through to a landing page on your website.

One of the obvious ways to lead a customer to your website is through a CTA, or call to action, button at the bottom of your email. A CTA typically says something like “Learn More” or “Get Started.” Those CTA’s are fine, but they are often overused and uninteresting.

To write more engaging CTA’s, you need to figure out a way to spin the CTA in a way that hasn’t been presented to a customer before. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a one-word phrase, like “Start” or “Subscribe.” Other times, you can put what they’re getting on the button, like “Get A Free Trial,” or “Save 50% Today.”

You could also try the whimsical approach, like “Begin Your Adventure” or “Let’s Be Friends.”

CTA’s can be used in a number of effective ways, so don’t neglect the power of this simple tool.

Emails are effective tools for marketing to your customers, but sometimes they are neglected when it comes it new ideas. Try implementing these tips into your next promotional email campaign, and see what it can do for your business!

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