Exhart Inc. Brings Beautiful Creations To Your Garden

Creating beautiful garden decor is what California-based wholesale company Exhart Inc. does best. But that shouldn’t be a surprise if you know the history behind this company. For more than 25 years, this family owned and operated company has worked hard to create amazing and mesmerizing garden art for their customers. Their art is so gorgeous, that many customers have even used them as indoor decor pieces!

Exhart Inc. says they are leaders in the wholesale garden decor market, and it’s not hard to see why when you explore all of their fantastic products. They offer a variety of collections that feature hundreds of different products, such as Garden Stakes, Wind Chimes, Bird Statuary, Animal Statuary, Fair Statuary, Kinetic Garden Stakes, Wall Art, Clocks, Birdfeeders, Solar Statuary, Solar Garden Stakes and a whole lot more.

For 2017, Exhart has rolled out more than 500 new products for their Garden Decor Collection, so now your customers will have even more options for beautiful garden decor products!

Each product crafted and sold by Exhart Inc. is expertly made with precise detail and painted with gorgeous colors. Take their Garden Gnomes for example. The Garden Gnome is a classic piece of garden decor and Exhart Inc. honors that tradition, while also giving it a fresh new twist.

Garden Gnomes

Their Garden Gnomes come in a variety of fun options, from the classic Standing Gnome in traditional gnome attire, to the more eclectic gnomes who prefer beachwear and camouflage. Each of these gnomes has a ton of personality that comes out as soon as you see them. They’re perfect for giving any garden a little bit of personality!

Anywhere Lighting

A brand new product from Exhart that’s guaranteed to “Wow” your customers is their Anywhere Lighting. These imitation trees are lit up with bright LED lighting on their branches and provide the perfect accent lighting for homes and gardens. They are perfect for any season, but the Red and Green Anywhere Lighting trees will look especially breathtaking as additions to traditional Holiday lighting! Each Anywhere Lighting product is powered by two D batteries and comes with both 4 and 8-hour timers, so they can be set to turn on and off at the same times every day.

Solar Power

Exhart Inc. also believes in using the power of nature, specifically the Sun, to power their garden lighting. That’s why they have multiple collections dedicated to solar power, including Solar Statuary and Solar Stakes.

Their Firefly Critters collections feature beautifully hand painted durable resin statues of friendly forest creatures. When the sun sets in the evening, these statues light up to give gardens a stunning glow. They also have solar-powered garden stakes that will stick anywhere in a garden’s soil and light up a garden at a higher level than their statuary counterparts.

It’s hard to pick just one product when shopping at Exhart Inc., but luckily, they offer wholesale options for retailers so you can find exactly what you need for your shop. Buy from them today and see what their products can do for your business and your customers!

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