FGmarket’s Weekly Pick — ReadeREST

Are you constantly dropping and damaging your expensive glasses? Rick Hopper has created a solution for you!

Rick Hopper had the opportunity to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank television show and partnered with Lori Greiner, who is an inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality. This was an opportunity that forever changed Rick’s business. 

He used his innovative thinking to create a product that attaches to your shirt by a high-quality magnet. Instead of slipping your glasses between your shirt pocket, you can simply place your glasses in a ReadeREST and not have to worry about your glasses falling out.

This is a trusting product that is guaranteed to be a safe keep for your glasses. It not only is a safe haven for your reading glasses, but it also serves a purpose for your everyday sunglasses, ID badge, or even your earbuds.

The ReadeREST holds the #1 as the most sold magnetic eyewear holder and also offers a lifetime warranty. You can even add a little bit of personality to these ReadeRESTs— From ribbon-shaped products to crystals embedded on the ReadeREST, you’ll be looking smart and stylish!

Be sure to check out this wonderful invention by Rick Hopper on the ReadeREST website.

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