Cotton Adds A Beautiful Accent To Any Floral Arrangement

Whatever type of store you may be, you are always on the lookout for unique items to feature. Keeping your customers engaged in your store comes with great customer service, as well as products. Both of these are truly essential. Gift shop, florist or nursery, you are always on the look out for wonderful products. So, if you’re a florist, one vendor to definitely check out is Floral Cotton.

So, what does this company do? Floral Cotton is a Veteran owned and operated business in Waldorf, MD that provides unprocessed, raw cotton. They happily provides American upland cotton for use in floral arrangements, weddings, decorations and crafts.

Their mission is to simply allow everyone the opportunity of experiencing cotton in its raw, unprocessed form; nature at its purest. You’ll find the cotton to be soft, natural and beautiful.

Who doesn’t love cotton in their floral arrangements or even at their wedding during the fall months. It’s a great and unique floral accent to have anywhere.

No matter how many you are wanting to purchase for your store, they come in various packages, floral cotton seeds, burrs and stalks. Imagine having cotton or even stalks in a floral arrangement that adds a bit of rustic, naturalness and uniqueness to it. Your customers will definitely be stunned and blown away by their beautiful floral arrangement.

With creating floral arrangements, comes creating gorgeous centerpieces and arrangements for weddings too. How unique would cotton be in wedding floral arrangements for a fall wedding? It would truly add a unique touch and make a stand out wedding. There are honestly so many uses for their cotton. Floral arrangements, wedding arrangements and just everyday accessories for around the home. Just pair them with beautiful fresh flowers and floral vases to finish off the look.

Not only do they offer great cotton, they also offer great home decor accents. Choose from a cotton lantern, shadowbox and wall basket to bring nature indoors. Your customers will love having these items in their home or even giving them as great gifts.

When wanting to offer your customers a great product, choose Floral Cotton. Their amazing customer service with their unprocessed, natural cotton will truly make a statement in your store.


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