Traveling With Baby Made Easy With Flyebaby

It’s no secret, babies and planes do NOT mix … or do they? Introducing — Flyebaby, the newest must-have baby accessory for moms on the go! Flyebaby is a portable, relaxing seat giving baby to ability to ride comfortably while seeing and interacting with mom. Flyebaby also frees up mom’s arms to make for a more relaxing flight for everyone.

Moms everywhere are raving about what a great, innovative baby accessory this is:

The FlyeBaby gave us a way to comfortably put Darah right in front of us so that we could read to her, sing songs and make faces, all hands-free! I think this is a large part of the reason why this little one did not cry one bit on the plane. She was comfortable the whole time, and we were definitely more comfortable with her having her own seat, so to speak. The flight attendant also commented that it was one of the coolest things she had seen in a long time! – Tiffany

Flyebaby is more than just a lifesaver on airplanes, this multi-use baby accessory fits onto virtually any chair, even beach loungers! It’s high-quality 3 point harness buckling system was created and tested by a mother and grandfather for optimum safety and peace of mind. The harness system is adjustable to grow with baby for years of use. Flyebaby can be used as a portable high chair that easily folds up to fit into a diaper bag. It even comes with its own carrying case! Traveling with baby has never been so easy! No more bulky car seats or overturned restaurant high chairs!

Mothers’ love carrying baby with them everywhere they go, but it can be so inconvenient! With Flyebaby, Mom and baby have freedom like never before!

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