Gaia Body Works Makes Wonderful, Healthy Skincare Products and More

At Gaia Body Works, clean and functional formulas serve to combine human physiology and Ayurvedic practices. This healthy line of skin care and apothecary is good not just for the body, but also the environment!

Gaia Body Works, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, creates its products to strengthen the mechanisms the body uses to heal itself. The simple formulas contain organic herbs and oils and remain free of any synthetics. From head to toe, Gaia Body Works has a product to bring customers to a healthy place.

For times of anxiety, restlessness, and lack of energy or focus, choose from a variety of teas and oils crafted for each emotion. The Sleepy Tincture blends together chamomile, lavender, California poppy and wild lettuce to not only support healthy sleep cycles but boost cognitive function as well. When energy drops, the Stay With It Energy Bundles provides energy teas, tinctures, and aromatherapy rollers that offer long-term benefits.

Gaia Body Works also focuses on healing the physical body with body salves, face washes, and deodorants. The Skin Repair Body Salve is perfect for eczema, psoriasis and even dermatitis. It restores the lipid barrier function and replenishes nutrients in the skin. The zero preservatives, irritants, fragrances or added color make this product a great choice for the health-conscious. Looking for a new take on deodorant? Gaia Body Works offers a formula without aluminum that gives all-day odor control. And don’t neglect the face: the face cleanser and serum kits blend lavender, orange, lemongrass, and eucalyptus for dry to acne prone skin.

Gentlemen are also taken care of with the beard and shave line. Beard balm that calms itchy skin, shaving oil and beard oil are all essentials for any man growing out the mane. Gaia Body Works even offers shave bowls, brushes, and razors!

The quality of skin care products makes a difference and the options at Gaia Body Works can restore natural balance to the body in a healthy way!

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