Spring Cleaning For Your Store

Marketing Tip – Spring Cleaning

When planning for a new year, you look at new products and business strategies to implement into your store. Since it’s a few months into the year, now is the time to see what products and strategies are working. Are the new products you’ve lined your shelves with not selling as quickly as you hoped or is the new marketing strategy not working out? This not only goes for strategies and products, but just generally getting rid of clutter, old files or the dust off the shelves. So, it’s time to get in the mood for spring cleaning.

Your Store’s Environment – Not only does this apply to your store’s strategies, but just cleaning your store in general. Get rid of old files that you have piling up in the back or organize them by date. Old files can include business files and old client files, however, remember to shred any papers with personal or confidential information on it. Also, if you have clutter just lying around your office, shelves or front desk, make sure and organize them. Having your store organized makes for a more efficient business.

Out With The Old, In With The New – Focus on your relationships. Are there relationships out there that you are no longer active with or it’s no longer serving you in a positive way? Take a look at business, vendors, associates and even your client relationships. Ask yourself if both of you are benefiting from each other? If not, move on. It will benefit both of you.

Difficult Situations – Do you have clients that owe on their accounts or maybe you and your business partner didn’t see eye to eye on a situation? Clear the air and take care of everything. This is a great way to start with a clean slate.

Take Care Of Old Habits – It’s hard to break old habits. There are a variety of habits that you may maintain. So, whatever it is, if this habit is hampering your business or slowing down your work day, now is the time to try to break them. Make it known to your employees that you are wanting to break this habit, who knows, they may even have picked it up. By letting everyone know what you are trying to break, everyone can work together to help. It can definitely be a team effort.

Product Reviews

Woman On A Whim – Great Products With A Unique Twist
What do you look for when buying products? Do you look for unique items that will set your store apart from your competitors? Also, do you think about what your customers will like to see in your store? Both of these are important factors when buying products for your store. Read More About Woman On A Whim

Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces With Clear Pond
Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start looking for wonderful outdoor products that will be a hit with your customers. Now is the time when consumers are looking to get outdoors and work on their yards. Of course, you want to offer them great outdoor products like, plants, flowers, decorative accents, outdoor furniture and accessories & supplies that will make their outdoors a great place to be. Read More About Clear Pond


Go “Green” With Your Home With Ecoaccents
Offering your customers the best products that you can find is what keeps your customers coming back into your store. It’s important that you find quality products that have style in everything that makes your store stand out. This goes for gourmet food, gifts, home textiles and home accents, just everything that you feature in your store. Read More About Ecoaccents

Insider Tips

Seth Godin – If you need to find out how your audience is receiving your work, it’s worth considering how you’ve structured the interactions around criticism. Sometimes a customer has a one-off problem, a situation that is unique and a concern that has to be extinguished on the spot. More often, though, that feedback you’re getting represents the way a hundred or a thousand other customers are also judging you.

Chris Brogan – Remember that praise and criticism are the same: other people’s thoughts that shouldn’t sway your overall mission. (We tend to accept praise but loathe criticism. Learn to loathe it equally.)

Angela Maiers – You have to get over the fear or criticism and ridicule in order to take a stand. That takes work, it takes courage.

Vendor Spotlight

Spledipity – One Great Product With A Variety Of Uses
Purchasing products for your store is apart of your everyday routine. You are always on the lookout for new and exciting trends, but for who? You focus on adults, however, do you focus on great items for children and babies?Read More About Splendipity
Package It Right With S. Posner Sons Inc.
What type of products do you feature in your store? Do you offer wonderful home accents, floral supplies, accessories or great gift items? No matter what you offer, you need great packaging to go along with your amazing products you feature in your store.Read More About S. Posner Sons Inc.
Complete Your Look With Jennifer Massey Designs
What is your target market for your store? Do you have a variety of women and girls of all ages that shop in your store? What type of products can you offer in your store that will suit all of their personalities and styles? Read More About Jennifer Massey Designs
Shine Brightly With Lite Source Inc.
When it comes to products, you focus on making them eye-catching, visible and appealing. How do you achieve this? Yes, you create attractive displays, however, isn’t lighting essential as well? This applies to your customer’s homes as well.Read More About Lite Source Inc.
Start Reading With Ideals Publications
How big is your children’s line in your store? Do you carry a lot of great products that children can enjoy? If not, you should. There are great items out there that serve as educational items, playtime toys, supplies & accessories and gift items.Read More About Ideals Publications
Let Your Fashion Accessories Make A Statement
Products that make a statement are always an essential in your store. Why? Customers love walking into your store knowing that they can find the latest trends and not find these products anywhere but your store.Read More About Relative Jewelry
Always Receive Beautiful Botanicals From Sourcing Northwest
When choosing your products for your store, what do you look for in your products? You want products that are made of quality and stand out in your store. This goes for each and every one of your product lines.Read More About Sourcing Northwest
Multi-Functional Vase From FlowerPower Vase
When it comes to any type of store, you want stand out products on your shelves. Every shop wants wonderful products in their store so they can keep their customers coming in and always attracting new ones. Read More About FlowerPower Vase

In The News

Ever Changing Fashion Trends
With every season, comes new trends. This goes for every category. Consumers taste changes, patterns evolve, colors change and technology is ever revolving. Something that really sticks out in everyone’s mind when it comes to change is fashion. You’ll find that fashion changes every season and with this year’s New York Fashion Week coming to a close, now is the time to start looking at what items to feature in your store during this fall. Read More About Fashion Trends

Sweeten Up Your Store
When you think of your products, what’s one type of line that is surely to win over all your customers? There’s one line in particular that can definitely win your customers over through their stomach. Of course, featuring gourmet food in your store is always a wonderful idea. It serves many purposes in your store. Whether your customers are in search of a unique gift item or would like to indulge themselves, gourmet food and candies are always the way to go. Read More About Gourmet Food

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