Marketing Tip Of The Week – Are You Losing Sales?

Your store is important to you. You work hard to maintain your customer base and promote your store. Therefore, you notice every little change in your store, especially when you start to see sales increase. However, do you monitor when your business isn’t doing so well? Yes, it happens to everyone, they get in a bit of a slump. This applies to your online sales as well. So, how can you tell and what are some key things to look at? This week’s marketing tip will focus on what to look for within your e-commerce site to tell if you’re losing sales.

1. No One Shops Online – Don’t just assume that your customers aren’t online. This can definitely hurt you and to assume that no one is searching for what you do definitely will. Having a site and never updating it just because you assume no one is searching for you is truly a waste. If you’re going to have a website, you might as well make it beneficial for you. Even if only a few people are searching for you, you can still turn those potential clients into customers.

2. No One Can Find Your Site – Why can no one find your website? Are you hiding your website from search engines? This may happen because you don’t know exactly how search engines work. They want text and keywords. The best thing to do is read up on it and pick up a few basic tips to make your site more

3. What Keywords & Phrases Are You Using? Yes, you have to use certain keywords and phrases in order for your website to be found easily. These are what people use to search for your website or specific category. Your appropriate keywords should be included in the metatags, page title, headlines and the body of the text. Again, this comes from learning, so read up on it.

4. Clear & Concise – Make sure everything on your website looks clear, concise and gets your point across. When you write out your text, make sure it details what you do, who you are and what type of products you sell. You want your potential customers to understand and not be confused by your website.

5. Have Everything Working – Of course, you want customers to find your website. However, that doesn’t do any good if your website doesn’t work properly. Isn’t it truly frustrating if you go to a website and it doesn’t function properly? Make sure all the links work and your checkout system is in place. It’s important that your customers can find it and work your website.

If you feel like you’re losing sales online, make sure and take a look at your website and see if it’s up to the standards that it needs to be at. It’s always important to take a look at all aspects of your business to make sure everything is functioning, which in turn helps with your sales and making a better business.

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