Two Niche Product Lines You Should Think About Selling

Do you have certain product lines that you primarily focus on in your store? Yes, every store seems to have those tried-and-true products that their customers love. Naturally, you place most of your attention on those products, but have you considered offering a new niche product line to them? Exposing your target market to a new product line can make your store stand out and give your customers new buying opportunities.

How do you decide which niche markets you should incorporate into your product line? Look for niches that have a broad customer base. Items having to do with pets or children are two such niches. What makes these two niches so appealing? When customers won’t spend money on themselves, they will still spend money on those they love.

Why You Should Consider Pet Products

If you have pets, you know how much you spend on them to keep your furry companions happy. You’re not alone. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on their pets. When customers think of your store, pet toys and pet products may not come to mind. However, by introducing products for pets to customers as they come in for your tried-and-true lines, a sales opportunity is created that appeals to both an old and new target market. A specialized market, such as pet supplies is easily incorporated in to your everyday product mix.

Incorporate Pet Products Into Your Product Line

The lure of incorporating pet products is the wide range of items that can be sold in this niche. Pet jewelry, dog collars and beds, cat houses, pet clothing and anything with a picture of a dog, cat or horse are just a few of those pet-related items that appeal to this customer base. To effectively incorporate pet products, you need to do your research. Set aside a few minutes each day to explore pet supplies and products. Take time to speak to vendors. Find out if they can send samples or offer small product orders.

Try out the products on your own pets or a neighbor’s pet. As every savvy marketer knows, the easiest way to sell a product is to know and love the product yourself. By having experience with that particular product, you can offer up great reviews and recommendations. You are your own best advertising source.

Don’t Go Whole Hog – Start Small

With any new line, testing the water is the best strategy. Start small by adding just one product that works with your existing product line. If you sell tableware, you can add in upscale pet bowls. Sell gourmet food? Offer your customers gourmet pet treats, as well. By working in a niche product line within an all ready existing product line in your store, you can make a successful transition between old and new.

Appeal To The Child – Capture The Parent

Remember, customers will spend money on those they love when they won’t spend it on themselves. How do you decide which children’s products to sell? Like pet products, there is a wide range of merchandise for children. Toys by far appeal to the largest customer base. Toys appeal to children of all ages. Children and many adults cannot resist toys.

Incorporating Toys Into Your Product Line

Use the same pet product principles and slowly add in your toy line. Adding toys around the holidays makes the transition to a new product line, such as toys easier. Pick a few of your favorite toys and place them near your holiday cards; this is that cross promotion that I’ve spoken about in past newsletters.

A good starting point would be puzzles or games. These are basic products that you can start with and grow your toy product line. By adding a few products at a time, you can see how customers respond to the toys.

Niche product such as pet supplies and toys can be added to existing product lines because consumers identify with these products. They may have pets or they are looking for a gift for others.

As they shop in your store, they see these items and think that’s cute or fun, my friends would like that. My pet would love that or my friend loves puzzles, I think I’ll get that.

Transitioning from your traditional product line that you’ve always carried and adding in new niche products isn’t hard. It takes your commitment to find what you like and feel confident in adding to your existing product mix. Put in some time and effort and it will be worth the addition.

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