Dealing With Criticism

When it comes to running your store, it’s important that you accept criticism. Of course, no one likes to hear it. However, it helps you improve and become better and what you do. Your customers will appreciate it and they know you will always take care of them. FGmarket has put together a few quotes on how to handle criticism and using it towards your advantage.

Seth Godin – If you need to find out how your audience is receiving your work, it’s worth considering how you’ve structured the interactions around criticism. Sometimes a customer has a one-off problem, a situation that is unique and a concern that has to be extinguished on the spot. More often, though, that feedback you’re getting represents the way a hundred or a thousand other customers are also judging you.

Chris Brogan – Remember that praise and criticism are the same: other people’s thoughts that shouldn’t sway your overall mission. (We tend to accept praise but loathe criticism. Learn to loathe it equally.)

Angela Maiers – You have to get over the fear or criticism and ridicule in order to take a stand. That takes work, it takes courage.

What do you think? How you handle criticism and how will you use it towards your advantage? It’s an important part of your store and learning from it is most important.

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