Rio Grande Wholesale Makes Gorgeous Native American Jewelry and Pottery

Originally operating as a wholesale pottery shop for Native American Pottery, Rio Grande Wholesale has moved on to larger scale projects, and now services customers with beautiful Native American jewelry, in addition to pottery.

Rio Grande Wholesale opened 22 years ago as a Native American pottery shop. When the current owner of the shop took over 18 years ago, Native American jewelry was added to the inventory, which changed the direction of the company forever.

The owner of Rio Grande Wholesale is a 5th generation Indian Trader, which gives them a unique perspective and eye for detail when it comes to authentic Native American wares.

Are your customers looking for beautiful Native American jewelry to add to their wardrobe? Rio Grande Wholesale has exactly what they need.

Some of their most popular pieces are their Turquoise jewelry necklaces, bracelets and more.

These pieces are made from beautiful turquoise stones, which are shaped and fitted into various necklace, earring, and bracelet designs.

Each piece is made to enhance the beauty of its wearer, and bring out stunning facial features. These pieces are sure to be head turners and eye catchers, no matter the occasion!

Whether it’s jaw-dropping floral designs, geometric shapes, or natural stone cuts, Rio Grande Wholesale’s collection of turquoise jewelry has to be witnessed first hand in order to appreciate the craftsmanship that’s put into every piece.

All of the jewelry sold by Rio Grande Wholesale is ethically sourced directly from Native American artists, so you alway know it’s authentic and well-made!

The jewelry from Rio Grande Wholesale is stunning, but of course, we have to talk about their pottery selection.

This was what started it all for Rio Grande Wholesale, and we’re pleased to say they continue the practice of selling Native American pottery today.

Their collection of Pueblo Pottery is authentically made, with earthy colors and intricate designs.

You won’t be able to find pottery made like this anywhere other than at Rio Grande Wholesale!

If you’d like to see their work up close and in person, they can be found at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show, Sept. 13 – 16. For more information on the show, check them out online.

Rio Grande Wholesale is your number 1 source for quality, authentic Native American pottery and jewelry!

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