Stressed? Sootheze Soothes Your Worries Away

Why not bring home the therapeutic relaxation of an expensive spa? Instead of high dollar spa items that give you the plucked and pulled feel, let Sootheze pamper you like a goddess wrapped in a blanket of clouds. Let your mind rest. Sootheze will take care of your body’s relaxation.

Sootheze is a unique provider of personal spa products with a focus on heat therapy, cold therapy and aromatherapy. Developed by a massage therapist, these products have been loved the world over for more than a decade. As soon as you try them, you’ll know why.

These creative personal care products make therapy fun and the spa life accessible. Therapy products like the Toasty Spa Friends and Toasty Bears are adorable, cuddly ways to enjoy essential herbs and food-grade flax seed. The combination of these ingredients provides a rejuvenating aromatherapy treatment. All you have to do is cuddle!

The Toasty Spa Friends and Toasty Bears are microwaveable (you read that right) which also creates a unique way to enjoy heat therapy. Wrap a heated Toasty Bear around your neck and feel the pain relax away. While the heat warms the outside of your body, aromatherapy begins to soothe and calm your body from the inside. This luxurious feeling has earned the Toasty Bears and Toasty Spa Friends many accolades from satisfied customers.

When there’s no time or place to cuddle, the Christine James Spa Collectionof spa products brings out the more traditional side of at-home spa treatments. These helpful body wraps and eye pillows soothes away the body’s aches and pains. Available in three exquisite fabrics and over 20 designs, it’s easy to find a personal care product to love in the Christine James Spa Collection.

Between health and healing, rejuvenation and relaxation, there’s no room to ache! If you want to ease back into “aah” mode, indulge yourself with Sootheze.

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