Splendipity – One Great Product With A Variety Of Uses

Purchasing products for your store is apart of your everyday routine. You are always on the lookout for new and exciting trends, but for who? You focus on adults, however, do you focus on great items for children and babies? Yes, they are apart of your customer base too. Parents looking for wonderful baby accessories or just consumers looking for baby gifts are always in search of great items that are useful. One great company to look at is Splendipity.

You’ll find that this company’s mission is to contribute in making quality products that assist in keeping babies safe and are multi-functional. They strive to make their products unique and safe for all of their customers, so they’re always thinking of your store and customers. A great product that makes a wonderful, functional gift for mothers, babies and great gift items is their universal cover.

Splendipity universal covers are great for infant car seats, shopping cart covers, nursing shawl, car seat shade, swing cover and high chair cover. There are so many and wonderful uses for this item. With babies, there are many accessories that must be taken with them to ensure their safety and needs. Diaper bags can be filled with bottles, pacifiers, blankets, diapers, food and toys. A diaper bag is filled with a variety of items already, so it’s nice to find a product that has many different uses.

Their covers are made from organic cotton, which they choose organic to help spread their passion on protecting the environment and a variety of beautiful solid colors. Each one is made with an opening and elastic bottom for a fitted approach. Place the opening around car seat handles, shopping carts where the legs go through, swing openings and high chairs. This provides a clean place for the child to sit, instead of sitting on a surface that may contain harmful bacteria. Also, it keeps the child warm and shields them from the sun when they are in their car seat.

Lets not forget about their wonderful organic burp cloths and blankets that go along with their Snuzzle Me product.

Your customers who are mothers, moms-to-be or just looking for a great gift for a baby shower will find that this product is a must. Therefore, this great product from Splendipity is a must to have in your store!

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