Lead A Merry Lifestyle With The Merry Hempsters

Personal care products can be the same. They say they offer something different, but there’s not that much that sets them apart from other products. Do you want those items in your store? No, you want personal care products that your customers are going to love and can find no where else. So, start with The Merry Hempsters. This great wholesale company offers great personal care products that will be suitable for anyone and their lifestyle.

Quality Personal Care Products

Dedicated to promoting extraordinary health benefits of hemp seed oil through their effective and environmentally friendly lip and skin care products is what The Merry Hempsters strive for. Each of their products are created with quality natural ingredients all wrapped in Eco-friendly packaging to promote a better environment.

If your customers are wanting to promote and maintain a healthier lifestyle and environment, they will love these products. Hemp seed oil can provide many health benefits, which your customers will be able to receive through their lip and skin care products. They’ll absolutely love them.

All-Natural Lip & Skin Products

Products ranging from hemp lip balm, vegan hemp lip balm, hemp muscle rub, cut and scrape salve, hemp baby salve, hemp tattoo salve and even dog salve. Suitable for all your customers and everyone in their family. The Merry Hempsters’ organic lip balm is truly therapeutic for your customer’s lips and leave them truly soft and healthy. Their rubs and salves can help sore muscles and joints, aches, sprains, bumps, bruises, baby rashes and irritations, while helping keep tattoo skin moist and can help heal a dog’s hot spots, bites and cuts. All of their products will help everyone in the family!

Donating To A Good Cause

Another unique product line that they want to offer is their Endangered Wildlife Lip Balm, which is organic lip therapy. Each time someone buys their natural lip balm, 25% of the proceeds go to help protect endangered animals and their habitat. Organic lip therapy going to a wonderful cause. Your customers will feel good about themselves having helped out an endangered animal.

Let your customers give their great all-natural products as gifts, as part of gift baskets and tell them about the wonderful donation that will be made to help endangered species. Wonderful products that will serve your customers at home and provide wonderful gift ideas.

When choosing personal care products for your store, go with The Merry Hempsters. Their organic products will provide your customers with healing that also goes to a good cause. Offer great products that will be flying off your shelves in no time!

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