Bloom With Whisk and Spoon

When it comes to having products in your store, what do you focus on? Do you focus on finding quality products with unique flair? It’s important to always keep your customers on their toes. So, finding wonderful products for your store is always a must. One great company that offers great products that will truly put a smile of your customers face comes from Whisk and Spoon.

This company offers amazing teas that will appease all your customer’s palettes. They pay special attention to their teas and make sure each one provides a unique flavor.

You’ll find organic chai, organic dessert, organic earl grey, organic green tea and organic and Fair Trade tear teas.

Whether these teas are served hot, iced or as delicious cocktails, these clean and pure tasting organic teas offer a tasteful way to relax and decompress.

Low in caffeine or caffeine-free and an excellent source in antioxidants, which naturally makes them a healthy alternative to artificially flavored drinks.

Blooming Tea

Two of their products that will definitely make a statement in any store, whether you are a florist or gift shop are their Bloomin’ Tea and Bloomin’ Bouquet. Their Bloomin’ Blooms is their newest and coolest gift and floral accessory. What do they do? Your customers actually put a tea bulb into hot water and watch the action happen right within their tea-pot or glass.

The bulb actually blooms into what looks like a beautiful bouquet. It’s simply a wonder to watch. Add these to gift baskets and even bouquets to make something truly extraordinary. Imagine having a basket full of gourmet food, candles and these Bloomin’ teas to make an amazing gift.

Tasteful Tea

All of their teas are simply delicious. Their organic teas will be a wonderful addition to your store that your customers will have to have on a daily basis. This tea will be their relaxation after a stressful day at work and on the weekends when they want to stay in and relax.

When wanting to offer wonderful products in your store, choose Whisk and Spoon.Their delicious teas and unique Bloomin’ Teas are all delicious and make wonderful gift items that will truly be unforgettable, especially when your customers watch a floral bouquet bloom right in their tea. What a unique way to experience tea.

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