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Creations of Earth

Wholesale Foliage, Blooming Plants, Silks & More!
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Wholesale WebsiteTollfree: 800.633.2784Local: 561.333.9097More Information
601 N Congress Ave Ste 436
Delray Beach, FL 33445

Creations of Earth offers:

  • Fresh Flowers
    • Direct Shippers
      • Alstroemeria
      • Asters
      • Bouquets
      • Crysanthemums
      • Delphinium
      • Gerbera
      • Gladiolus - Glads
      • Gypsophila
      • Heather
      • Hydrangea
      • Iris
      • Larkspur
      • Roses
      • Snapdragon
      • Statice
  • Fresh Greens & Foliage
    • Fresh Foliage Distributors
      • Aglaonema
      • Aralia
      • Calathea
      • Dracaena
      • Ferns
      • Lucky Bamboo
  • Garden & Patio
    • Outdoor Plants
  • Green & Blooming Plants
    • Distributor - Wholesaler
      • African Violets
      • Anthuriums
      • Begonia
      • Beta Bowls
      • Bromeliads
      • Cactus
      • Carnivorous
      • Dish Gardens
      • Ferns
      • Gardenia
      • Hanging Baskets
      • Ivy
      • Lucky Bamboo
      • Mums
      • Orchids
      • Philodendron
      • Pothos
      • Spathiphyllium - Peace Lily
      • Terrariums
      • Topiaries
  • Greenhouse & Nursery
    • Blooming Plants
    • House Plants
    • Perennials
  • Home Accents
    • Arrangements
      • Botanicals
      • Centerpieces
      • Floral
  • Silk Flowers & Greenery
    • Premades
      • Arrangements
    • Silk Flowers
      • Calla Lily
      • Orchids
      • Tropical
    • Silk Plants
    • Topiaries
    • Trees
      • Banana
      • Bonsai
      • Dracaena
      • Ficus
      • Palm

The Best Wholesale House Plants From Florida

January 19, 2015
Buying quality plants is integral to every florist's business model, but they can also make a great addition to any store or gift shop. After all, they aren't difficult to maintain, and customers love them. But like anything else you buy for your shop, you have to be sure you're getting the best quality available so that your customers will be happy with their purchase.

If you're looking to get into the plant business or are looking to upgrade your current provider, check out Creations of Earth!

Always the Best

This company offers more than 2,000 varieties of plants and blooming plants in all manner of shapes and sizes. From 3” pots to specimen trees to the most stunning Orchids you will ever see, they can be counted on to provide the best. Every time. Their products consist of two constants:

  1. Beauty
  2. Quality

If it doesn't meet these two standards, they don't ship it!

Experience and Reputation

This company has been delivering lush, vibrant and beautiful Florida house plants to stores and businesses for over 40 years. And keeping the doors open that long is all the evidence required to show they provide excellent service and carry only the best stock available. Their experience shows in every order, providing you with the ability to order with complete confidence.

And even better? They are primarily wholesalers. They have vast experience handling orders for small and mid-size retailers, even chain stores, as well as other wholesalers and business entities. That means you never have to wonder if they can handle your business. If you can order it, they can fill it!

So if you are looking for the best quality and service in the business, you want Creations of Earth!


Get Your Store Blooming With Creations Of Earth

March 17, 2011
What's something that you can feature in your store and appeal to everyone? A product that will make a great gift, as well as something that your customers can feature in their own home. Flowers and plants, of course! They even add great decor to your shop. So, what wholesale supplier do you choose? Creations Of Earth has been offering healthy Florida houseplants since 1975. You'll find something for everyone with them.

Beautiful Floral ArrangementCreations Of Earth specializes in Florida houseplants. Offering more than 2,000 varieties of house plants and blooming plants for you and your customers. They want to bring true, vibrant beauty to your store and your customer's homes.

There are two things that they focus on within their plants:  beauty and quality. Their indoor plants, as well as their outdoor plants show it, which include:

  • Indoor Plants - Ferns, Ficus, Manzanita Wood, White Bird Of Paradise
  • Outdoor Plants
  • Cut Fresh Flowers & Greenery - Delphinium, Gerbera, Roses, Mini Callas, Sunflowers
  • Silk Trees, Flowers & Arrangements - Orchids, Daisies, Tulips, Bamboo, Bonsai
  • Orchid - Beautiful Orange, Pink, White, Green Yellow

Whether you are a florist wanting to create beautiful arrangements or a gift shop appealing to those crafty customers who enjoying doing it themselves, Creations Of Earth is suitable for both of those consumer types. Your customers will love spending time out in their garden planting these wonderful flowers or just admiring them from afar.

Daisy ArrangementIf you're a florist, their fresh flowers will look absolutely amazing in a floral arrangement that your customers can send to loved ones. Get creative with them and feature your arrangement in a gorgeous glass vase to complete the look.

A gorgeous arrangement featuring tulips would be ideal for spring. Or, sell one of their pre-made orchid arrangements for your customer's to set out in their home as part as their home decor.

By featuring Creations Of Earth in your store, you'll be able to satisfy both your needs and your customers. Not only will you be able to create gorgeous fresh or silk flower arrangements to feature in your store, but you'll also be able to sell these items to your customers. Beautiful fresh flowers and plants that can be used for numerous things. Get your store blooming with Creations Of Earth.

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