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Flirty Aprons

Home of The Modern Apron...Feminine, Fun and Full of Fashion~Masculine Styles Too !!!Use this Coupon Code for 20% Off: FG20 !!!
Click to contact Flirty ApronsClick to view Flirty Aprons Vendor SpotlightFlirty Aprons on Social Media Flirty Aprons Home of The Modern Apron...Feminine, Fun and Full of Fashion~Masculine Styles Too !!!Use this Coupon Code for 20% Off: FG20 !!!
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142 N 1800 W Unit 7
Lindon, UT 84042
Fax: 801.553.8887
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Flirty Aprons offers:

  • Fashion
    • Childrens Clothing
      • Childrens Aprons
    • Fashion Gift Sets
    • Junior Clothing
      • Aprons
    • Misses Clothing
      • Aprons
    • Petite Misses Clothing
    • Womens Clothing
      • Aprons
  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Florist Equipment - Tools
      • Florist Aprons
  • Garden & Patio
    • Outdoor Protective Clothing
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  • Gourmet Foods
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  • Novelty
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      • Aprons
    • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
    • Home Textiles
      • Aprons
    • Kitchen
      • Aprons

Flirty Aprons

"The Kitchen Just Got Hotter"

- Soft Designer Fabric
- Strong 2-ply Construction
- Designed to Fit Every Woman
- Won't Fade or Tear

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Show Off Your Style In The Kitchen, With Flirty Aprons

March 15, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Long gone are the days of being stuck having to put on a traditional, bland kitchen apron. Today, there are limitless options to have your own personal style carry over to the kitchen. Flirty Aprons has delivered uniqueness to the kitchen. Continue to express your beauty and personality in the kitchen with one of their tastefully designed aprons!

Since their inception, Flirty Aprons has been in the business of making men and women feel attractive in all settings. So many companies have set out to make that happen outside the kitchen or garden, but Flirty Aprons closes the gap in both those areas. Their aprons make time in the kitchen, garden or around the house more enjoyable and fashionable.

Marilyn Venetian Rose Apron

Flirty Aprons are a must have for that summer BBQ or spring day in the garden. Choose from 64 different styles for women that are uniquely crafted. Just some of the styles include paisley, chevron, floral and leopard. Whatever your fashion sense, Flirty Aprons has an apron just for you! Along with their core line of women's aprons they also provide men's aprons, kid's aprons, and baby bibs! Make it a family affair this next holiday.

My Grill's Hotter Than Yours

At Flirty Aprons, we know you will feel amazing when you slip on one of their aprons. Many use Flirty Aprons for gifts on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, bridal showers, birthdays, and much more. But be ready! Once you show off your Flirty Apron in front of your friends they'll be asking where they can get one for themselves!


The Gourmet Fashionista Wears These Flirty Aprons

November 25, 2009
What do you use to keep the grease monsters away? If you want to look stylish in the kitchen while keeping your daily clothes clean, you'll fall in love with wholesale men's, women's, and children's aprons from Flirty Aprons.

Wholesale Aprons from Flirty ApronsDon't let your eyes fool you. These women's aprons aren't the aprons that your mother and grandmother wore.

These are smart, stylish aprons made of high quality designer fabrics and tailored to fit the modern woman. Designed with the tastes of the modern woman in mind, it's easy to quickly find an apron or twelve that will please the eye of every woman who visits your store.

Know a man that can't keep himself out of the kitchen? Wholesale men's aprons are the solution! As gentlemen or their partners search for a unique gift, their eyes will lead them straight to these gems.

Men's aprons are perfect for the man who likes to barbecue, the baking man, or the home's official gourmet chef. Whatever his niche, a man's apron will suit him perfectly. When it's a man's apron from Flirty Aprons, it will fit him perfectly as well.

Children are often seen roaming around the kitchen. Their tiny hands love to be involved with whatever mom or dad is doing. Children's aprons are a must for two reasons.

First, many parents like to take photos of their children helping in the kitchen. Why not make that photo cuter with matching aprons? Flirty Aprons makes it easy to carry aprons that both parents and children will love.

Secondly, children are notorious for getting dirty. Flour on the nose is a lot easier to clean off than flour on a tiny pair of pants or a shirt. Help make children's time in the kitchen more enjoyable for everyone. Less mess, lots more "cute"!

Wholesale aprons are always fun gifts. When they come from Flirty Aprons, you can bet that their style is haute couture for the kitchen. Why pass up a great waist apron? Why not make the most of the season with a festive apron? The only right answer to these questions is "you shouldn't." Contact Flirty Aprons instead.

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