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Garden In The Koop

The Incredible Edible Garden in a Box!
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112 Baldwin Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278
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Product Preview

Garden in the Koop Makes Gardening Fun and Simple, With Their Innovative Garden Boxes

December 15, 2015
Vendor Spotlight

Gardening is one of the most fascinating hobbies in life. Not only does it allow you to experience the fun of watching a plant grow, but also gives the gardener a new perspective on life and how to nurture a living thing into a beautiful plant!

But what do you do if you have no experience growing plants, have never tended a garden before, or have limited space for growing in a tiny apartment?

Egg Carton Garden BoxGarden in the Koop, a Hillsborough, North Carolina business, is focused on bringing gardening to anyone that's ever wanted to start their own garden, but doesn't yet know how.

Comprised of plant-loving, garden-happy people, Garden in the Koop's headquarters is located inside of a 200 foot reclaimed chicken house on a historic farm. This is where the idea for the business was sprouted in their minds, and where they currently handle all of their business operations!

The big product that spurred the growth of the business is the Egg Carton Garden Box, a DIY gardening kit, that includes a variety of seed packs, soil, wooden name tags to keep up with what plants are hiding underneath the soil.

The process of planting the seeds is simple: the customer just opens up their egg carton, remove the contents, prepare the carton and soil, plant the seeds, give water and sunlight, and wait! Pretty soon, a beautiful garden will begin to grow inside your carton.

Once the plants are large enough, they can be removed and relocated to a garden, or into a gardening pot.

There are plenty of different garden boxes for every type of grower, whether people want to grow fresh veggies, herbs and tea leaves, or beautiful flowers, Garden in the Koop has the right garden box for the right job.

And for the curious young gardeners out there, the Giggling Garden collection will help children of all ages learn to grow their own plants as well! With fun names like The Dino Garden, The Fairy Garden, The Mushroom Garden, and even a Harry’s Pizza Garden, these garden boxes will give any young gardener a fun, educational gift that will grow their minds as well as their plants.

Tea Pot Garden

Besides their garden boxes, customers will also love the beautiful terrariums, and garden houses that will make any sprouting garden look like a magical woodland forest!

Garden in the Koop has so many wonderful products for garden enthusiasts, why would you ever buy from anyone else? For customers that love to garden and get their hands dirty, give them the joy of growing from Garden in the Koop!

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