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Jax Ltd

The FUN and GAMES People!
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Life is Fun and Games With JAX Ltd

January 14, 2014
If there's one thing that never goes out of style, it's games! Whether for family get-togethers, a quiet evening at home or just hanging out with friends, people have been playing games since there were people around to play them. It's only the games themselves that have changed. And that's where the good folks at JAX Ltd come in.

Fun is Made of Wondrous Variety

This company has a wide variety of many different kinds of games available at their website, and all of them are ready and waiting for wholesale ordering! They have card games, board games and even games using shapes and numbers. Games that teach, games that are just for fun and even games that require a little math. If it can be used in a family game, they've used it. They even have Skazooms, a wacky toy that moves like magic!

But don't be confused by thinking games are just for the kids. They have many kid-themed games, but they also have a large selection of games intended for adults to enjoy.

Offering More Than a Good Time

Games have long been the preferred method for teaching otherwise boring subjects such as math, and the people at JAX Ltd have embraced that idea. They have a plethora of games that can be used as educational tools as well as entertainment! Does your customer have a student at home struggling with math? They can take home a copy of Sequence Numbers and their young progeny will be having a good time while simultaneously sharpening those arithmetic skills!

There are many different games available, each with its own unique set of rules and pieces. From child to adult, the whole family will enjoy games from JAX Ltd!


Are Board Games Really Fun?

October 20, 2008
Fun Board Game For Kids

Well of course they are! In fact, the memory of board games played in the past is probably the reason that you chose to browse this blog at all. Entertaining board games like those found through JAX Ltd, Inc. play an intricate part in the development of children mentally, educationally, physically and as competitors. As these children grow into adults, the right game can return them to the cherished days of childhood once again.

At some point in our lives, everyone has played a board game and been completely swept up in the surge of competitive energy, excitement, and learned a bit about the other players in the process. So how do you ensure that your customers are able to share this life experience, nay, nearly a rite of passage with their friends and loved ones? Easier than rolling dice.

Games like "How Tall Am I?" and "Cubes" are great ways to engage a child's math skills in a entertaining way that is almost subtle enough to make parents feel sneaky. Toys announced to children as educational toys may meet a grimace or two. Fun board games like "Pegs In The Park" and "Take Away" satisfy parents' need for educational toys that stimulate the mind. However, these great board games are so entertaining that kids have no idea that they're learning valuable math and logic skills.

Enhance Measurable Skills Board Games

Games like "Sequence" come in a variety of skill levels so that all ages can enjoy the games. This popular card game is the perfect board game for adults looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, children wanting to play card games like mommy and daddy, or teams trying to match wits against one another. This game, from personal experience, is a great way to enjoy a fun night with a family member, great conversation, and sharpen competitive skills with a fun game.

The many other board games from JAX Ltd, Inc. will fill your customers houses with laughter, a healthy spirit of competition, and a strong desire for more games! Thanks to the quality board games at JAX Ltd, Inc., your store will be the first place that customers visit for more great board games and educational toys.

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