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Little Merry Fellows

Simple, Elegant & Comfortable Baby Accessories and Introducing Great Pet Products
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Little Merry Fellows Simple, Elegant & Comfortable Baby Accessories and Introducing Great Pet Products
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120 Walnut Tree Hill Road
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Fax: 203.270.2996
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Protect Baby With Organic Cotton Baby Bedding & Accessories

July 20, 2009
Turn cranky babies into little merry fellows in the blink of an eye. Wrap them in swaddling wholesale organic cotton baby blankets from --who else?-- Little Merry Fellows. With baby's protection and ultimate comfort in mind, exhausted moms will be hardpressed to find a reason not to love Little Merry Fellows.

Organic Cotton Baby Bedding--Little Merry FellowsLittle Merry Fellows is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and environmental friendliness available. They want to make sure that their organic cotton baby bedding and clothing is safe for baby to use and easy on a "green" mom's mind. Instead of worrying about exposing their baby to the harsh chemicals used to treat other materials, environmentally friendly moms prefer organic cotton. Baby blankets and additional baby bedding from Little Merry Fellows take care of the worry by using only natural, organic cotton.

A lot of eco friendly moms worry about the quality of their baby products and choose less eco friendly baby items because they appear to be more trendy. Actually "green" moms, it's the other way around! The trend is back to green which is best for baby and easy to love, especially when Little Merry Fellows is involved. You never feel like you're being denied something beautiful and fine quality. You never lose a minute's sleep thinking you or your baby will be talked about badly because you opted for eco friendly baby products.

Instead, Little Merry Fellows makes you the talk of the mommy town. You may be the eco friendly mom, but all of the other moms will be green after they see your Little Merry Fellows baby blankets -- green with envy that is! These baby blankets, tiny baby pillows, and even clothing are as cute as a button. They are precious baby gifts that garner an involuntary "oooh" and "aaaw" at every sight. Some even have poetry inscribed on them!

Moms want the best of the best for their children. They want the world in their handbag so that they'll always know that their baby is protected. Little Merry Fellows gives eco friendly moms a piece of that protective haven with their wholesale organic cotton baby products.

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