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Sandia Pet Products

High Quality Dog, Cat & Ferret Accessories~Username: retailer Password: crittertailor
Click to contact Sandia Pet ProductsClick to view Sandia Pet Products Vendor Spotlight Sandia Pet Products High Quality Dog, Cat & Ferret Accessories~Username: retailer Password: crittertailor
Wholesale WebsiteTollfree: 800.546.8646Local: 505.875.0426More Information
3434C Vassar Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Fax: 505.875.1987
Product Features:
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Sandia Pet Products offers:

  • Novelty
    • Pets
      • Collars
      • Feeders
      • Leashes
  • Pets
    • Cat Accessories
    • Collars - Leashes
      • Cats
      • Dogs
      • Harness
      • Lead Leashes
      • Walking Leashes
    • Feeders
      • Bowls - Dishes
      • Cat
      • Dog
      • Self Filling
      • Travel
    • Ferret Accessories
      • Collars
      • Harness
      • Leashes
    • Made in the USA
    • Pet Clothing
      • Coats - Jackets
      • Vests
    • Training
      • Belt Snaps
      • Leads
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    • Travel
      • Bowls

Product Preview

Pets Will Love Showing Off Their Style With Accessories From Sandia Pet Products

December 17, 2015
Vendor Spotlight

Pets want to look stylish just as much as their owners do. Whether it's a glamorous collar that shows off their personality, or a fresh new leash, giving a pet some new duds is always an enjoyable experience for both parties!

CollarIf you want to get the best and most fashionable pet accessories on the market, then Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company Sandia Pet Products can surely help you out!

This great company makes collars and leashes for all kinds of pets, from the common to the exotic. They have collars for dogs, cats, puppies, and even ferrets!

Every collar made by Sandia is made with only the highest quality materials, and feature superb comfort, durability, and workmanship. Many of the collars also feature beautiful designs and colors that reflect the Southwestern sensibilities of their home state.

At Sandia, they have two main product lines for collars: design-in-the-webbing and ribbon-on-nylon. These collars, along with the leashes and harnesses, are made in the same patterns, so no matter how a pet is dressed up, they are always matching!

Their leashes give pets plenty of length to venture on their own, but not too much so they’re always guaranteed to stay safe and secure next to their owners.

They have a variety of leash widths available, from ⅜ inch wide (good for small cats, puppies, and ferrets), to 1 inch wide (great for medium or large dogs).

LeashIf you have pet owners that choose to use a harness instead of a traditional collar and leash, then check out the beautiful variety of harnesses available! These harnesses are available for fitting on a variety of pet sizes, and like every other product made by Sandia, feature bold colors, and attractive designs.

But if you think collars, leashes, and harnesses are all that Sandia specializes in, you'd be wrong. For people who like to take their pets with them on trips, Sandia's line of foldable, collapsible fabric dog bowls are guaranteed to make the trip easier on everyone! These bowls can also be strapped to backpacks and taken on long walks, to give a pet a quick drink while getting some much needed exercise.

Pet products need to be not only durable, but fashionable as well. That's why your customers will love seeing your store stocked with products from the great folks at Sandia Pet Products!


Get Fun Wholesale Pet Products Unleashed!

May 21, 2009
Well, maybe "unleashed" isn't the best term because what you'll find at Sandia Pet Products is an incredibly diverse selection of custom wholesale leashes, pet collars and harnesses. If you're looking for a way to wrangle in pet owners, give them a way to wrangle in their pets!

Humane & Fashionable Pet ProductsPet owners know that the most important thing about pet collars, leashes and harnesses is that they must be safe for the pets to use. They can't be too tight, too loose, or hard to use. They have to allow both the pet and the owner a bit of freedom during use. Pet owners want humane collars, leashes and harnesses. Pets want off the leash but that's a different story.

While most would argue that the pets don't care about the fashions that they wear, pet owners will contend that only the most stylish collars will do for their pets. In fact, if it touches their pet it must be both functional and fashionable. This is where Sandia Pet Products makes their mark. Their pet products are beautiful and stylish!

Whether looking for a western theme, a simple pattern, dark colors, bright colors or as many colors as possible, the only place to find quality custom collars, leashes and harnesses like these is Sandia Pet Products. These collars are easy to fit on little Scruffy or Scrappy. Plus (for the sanity of pet owners) they are also humane.

No need to worry about hurting pets anymore. No need to worry about having to walk the dog only in the dark because the collar is so ugly. Dark or light, day or night, the cool collars and other pet products from Sandia Pet Products are your best bet. Period.

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