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Scout & Zoe's ™

Premium Products for the Life of your Pet™
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Get Your S(wag) On With Healthy Treats From Scout & Zoe's

December 20, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Scout & Zoe's is a brand devoted to our favorite canines and was named after two furry friends - Scout and Zoe. The backbone of this company is the unconditional love for, but not exclusively, dogs.

The Story

The company originated when owner, Cindy Dunston Quirk, discovered that Zoe had allergies. She was allergic to beef, which not only gave her major tummy problems but this also noticeably tarnished her coat. Because of this allergy and other food sensitivities, Zoe was missing out on great fun such as chew toys and consuming edible snacks like dog treats. Her concerned owner searched far and wide for a beef-free alternative that was also free of preservatives, chemicals, and additives for her sweet Zoe but was without luck for 10 years. Then, one day it dawned on her; she should just make her own treats!

In 2012 Cindy began doing just that. By making her own dog treats, she had full control of the contents of the treats, and dogs like Zoe could finally enjoy the liberties that all dogs should. All of the ingredients were natural, green, and made from renewable resources, making them completely allergy-free!

Venison Jerky


Her treat of choice to make became different types of jerky. It all started with traditional chicken and sweet potato jerky but has since expanded quite a bit from the initial prototypes. Now there are a number of flavors in her arsenal such as kangaroo jerky! In addition to sweet potato, there are other vegetarian options such as carrot jerkies, which make for a great treat for equine friends.


Though it may be her specialty, jerky is far from the only exceptional type of product that Cindy has in stock. Scout & Zoe's also offers a variety of chew toys. One of these canine favorites is elk antlers which come in a variety of sizes and shapes to match the dog's needs. The antlers are also all completely and naturally shed, ensuring that no elk were harmed in the making of the product. Some advantageous perks of antlers are that they are typically more durable than bones, don't splinter, and have the great benefit of being rich in trace minerals of calcium and phosphorous which are vital to a dog's health. Additionally, antlers can make great toys for birds since they keep their beaks smooth.

Large Antler Chew

Food Toppers

For the picky eaters, or for the pet owners looking to spice up their pet's food, there are food toppers! These come in different flavors such as chicken, liver, and beef. These also work great on cat food!

Scout & Zoe's simply has a huge variety of tummy friendly treats and toys for any of your beloved animal companions. Best of all, they are all made with USDA grade A quality, human-grade raw ingredients. They are also USA sourced and produced in a USDA inspected facility.

In fact, Cindy insists that the jerkies are so safe and natural she even eats them herself! With any of Scout & Zoe's products, you can be assured that your favorite furry companions are not only enjoying their food but also reaping the benefits of its healthy ingredients.

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