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5433 East La Palma
Anaheim, CA 92807
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Receive FREE FREIGHT with your 1st order using code FGFF

Innovation, Quality and FUN From Skullduggery, Inc.

August 8, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

What if there was a way to mix fun and education? What if there was a way to have fun playing with "children's" toys? Look no further than Skullduggery!

Fun and education can meet in a way that may surprise you. Skullduggery is the world's leading creator of high-end fossil replicas, unique car race toys, and educational toys for kids. Skullduggery is known for eight distinct product lines since their inception in 1987.

Most known for the Max Traxxx systems, Skullduggery has been engineering 1/64 scale car races for more than two decades. Create custom racers, decorate light up cars, or simply blaze streaks of light on glow-in-the-dark tracks, with Skullduggery products.

Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control Twin Loop Set

Skullduggery sets are perfect for both beginning and advanced race fans as variable speed remote control cars, gravity powered vehicles, skill jumps, lap counters, electronic finish gates, straight-aways, loops, tunnels, curves and adjustable track heights allow racers to control course difficulty. All of these features come standard on your Max Traxxx racing set!

Now here's where the education meets fun: Smithsonian kits and puzzles. Skullduggery utilizes creative and interactive ways to create models of interesting topics for young kids. Whether it's the Smithsonian human skeleton casting kit or the Smithsonian jigsaw puzzle of the Americas, these kits are used to educate a young mind while engaging their creativity. Each kit comes with all the things needed to build an amazing piece of artwork.

Smithsonian Human Skeleton Casting Kit

Also within the educational realm, the Skullduggery team provides the world's most authentic fossil replicas available. These same fossil replicas are featured in many museums worldwide. Each one of these fossil replicas is formed from the original pieces found in museums or private collections. So when kids are playing with these fossils, they are seeing exactly what a piece of our earth's history looks like.

Dire Wolf Skull


Skullduggery features exciting packaging, unique designs, and U.S. manufacturing that tempts children and parents alike. All of their products are available for kids, grandkids or specialty store, and each product ships from a 10,000 square foot facility in Anaheim, California. Next time you're looking for the perfect gift, make sure to check out Skullduggery. Your customers' kids and grandkids will be thanking you!

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