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The New England Cupboard

Original Bakewell Cream, Winterport Co. Dip Mixes & Baking Mixes and New England Cupboard Baking Mixes.
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P.O. Box 8
Hampden, ME 04444
30 Liberty Drive
Hermon, ME 04401
Fax: 207.848.4988
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The New England Cupboard offers:

  • Gourmet Foods
    • Baking Products
      • Baking Cream
      • Baking Powder
      • Pancake Mix
    • Bar Accessories
      • Drink Mixes
    • Barbecue Grilling
      • Grilling Rub
      • Rubs
    • Breads
      • Beer Bread
      • Biscuits
      • Bread Mixes
      • Cornbread
      • Flavored
      • Muffins
      • Wheat
    • Cookbooks - Recipes
    • Cookies
      • Chocolate Chip Cookies
      • Chocolate Cookies
      • Decorated Cookies
      • Shortbread Cookies
      • Specialty Cookies
      • Sugar Cookies
      • White Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Dips
      • Chive Dip
      • Curry
      • Dill Dip
      • French Herb
      • Garlic Dip
      • Habanero
      • Horseradish Dip
      • Onion Dip
      • Pesto
      • Specialty Dip
    • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Breakfast
      • Cakes
      • Cookies
      • Corporate
      • Jellies & Jams
      • Mixes
    • Gluten Free
      • Baking Cream
      • Baking Powder
      • Dips
      • Spice Rubs
    • Jellies & Jams
      • Blueberry
    • Mixes
      • Breads
      • Brownies
      • Cake Mixes
      • Cookies
      • Cornbread Mix
      • Dips
      • Muffins
      • Pancake Mix
      • Scones
      • Waffles
    • Pancakes - Waffles
      • Apple Spice
      • Blueberry
      • Buttermilk
      • Chocolate Chip
      • Great Grains
      • Maple
      • Original
      • Vegan
      • Whole Wheat
      • Wild Cranberry
    • Popcorn
      • Cheese
      • Seasoned
      • Specialty
    • Private Label
    • Scones
      • Mixes
    • Soups - Stews
      • Lentil
    • Spices - Seasonings
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      • Cajun Seasoning
      • Chicken Seasoning
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      • Steak Seasonings
    • Vegetarian
      • Pancake Mix
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The New England Cupboard - A Must for Every Kitchen Pantry

December 11, 2012
Gourmet food is definitely the way to your customers' hearts. Are you featuring amazingly delicious food in your store? If not, you should. Not only do your customers love to stock up on it for their own pantries, but they always make great gifts as well. If you're looking for great gourmet food mixes to stock your store with, choose The New England Cupboard.

Original Pancake MixThis wholesale supplier of gourmet food is a specialty food mix manufacturer and distributor that includes a long line of established baking goods, as well as an assortment of baking mixes, spices, and dips.

Whether your customers are looking for the right dip to serve at their next party, or their thinking of baking up some delicious blueberry pancakes, muffins, or scones for breakfast, this company has what your customers are looking for.

When it's time for dessert, they have the sweet treats your sweet tooth customers are looking for too. These gourmet foods are a must for any kitchen.

Choose from a variety of mixes, such as pancake, biscuit, muffin, scone, popover, cookie, shortbread, gingerbread, dessert, dip, and bread. Their baking products are all created to provide their customers with "old-fashioned flavor with modern convenience".

For breakfast, your customers will want to whip up some of their fantastic pancakes that come in chocolate chip, blueberry, or vegan oatmeal. Your customers can even have scones, biscuits, or muffins.The most important meal of the day will definitely be a delicious start to anyone's morning.

Whoopie Pie MixWhen it's time to fix dessert, your customers can choose from mouth-watering dessert mixes. Cobbler topping mixes, apple crisp, whoopie pies, raspberry chocolate brownies, and mint chocolate brownies all make fantastic desserts. These are great when your customers are wanting a last-minute dessert for their home, take to parties, or to give as a great gift.

Even if your customers are looking to create some fantastic appetizers, they offer great dip mixes that come in a variety of flavors and pair perfectly with their bread. Also, don't forget to create gourmet gift baskets with these mixes. Just find a great basket, fill with dessert, bread, and dip mixes and your customers will have a great gift.

So, when looking for tasty gourmet food, visit The New England Cupboard. Their splendid mixes will be a must have for every kitchen.

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