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Folding Custom-Made Stools & Tables Great For Home, RV, Boats & More! Made In The USA
Click to contact TOWER STOOL® LLC COMPANYClick to view TOWER STOOL® LLC COMPANY Vendor Spotlight TOWER STOOL® LLC COMPANY Folding Custom-Made Stools & Tables Great For Home, RV, Boats & More! Made In The USA
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Faith, SD 57626
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Tower Stools Makes Stepping Stools For All Uses

May 10, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Have you ever stepped on a shaky, unreliable stool? Those uneasy feelings do not have to keep coming back! Tower Stools are American-made to ensure the absolute best quality.

Reed E. Henschel is the designer and patent holder of Tower Stool. He has many talents within woodworking, but his passion became reality when a professional athlete needed an exercise stool. The exercise stool needed to be equally strong and compact. Reed developed a new folding method to make these stools lighter.

Not all stools and benches are made the same. The Tower Stool folding benches and stools are distinctive because of the patented hinge design. These stools open and close with the flick of a wrist. Gone are the days of storing a clunky, stiff stool. In the closed position, these stools are less than 3 inches thick. This means the stools can be stored in so many more places than traditional stools.

Carrying and moving them is also a breeze because of the lightweight build. The wooden stools and benches from Tower Stool can be completely customized to your liking. It comes in nine different sizes ranging from 6 inches to 30 inches. Specific requests can also be catered to. Reed and his team can add hand painted lettering, Rosemaling, Scandinavian art, Wester art, Folk art, logos and much more. The folding benches come in two unique sizes, 16 inches or 18 inches.

Reed started over 2 decades ago with the aim to provide quality, American-made stools. He wanted to ease the queasiness of standing on unstable, wobbly wooden stools. The options for superior wooden products are almost endless. Whether it's a traditional stool, folding bench, utility table, 2 stepper, shooter's bench or workstation table, Tower Stools is the only option for you.

Their award-winning tradition, including being featured in QVC's 50 in 50, has revolutionized the wooden stool industry. Start with the wood stool they're known for and move slowly to replacing all wooden goods in your home with the finest quality products known to man. Tower Stools will be happy to take any custom requests as well so don’t forget to add a personal touch to each item!


Take A Step Up With Tower Stool LLC Company

May 21, 2012
Do you always think of your customer's needs when purchasing items for your store? Do you take their wants and needs into consideration? There are so many things you may consider when doing so. You always look at your target market and you also consider your customers that you know who come into your store. You take into account what you've heard them say their interests are and you make observations on your own. One company that can definitely fulfill different needs for your customers is Tower Stool LLC Company.

Workstation TableSo, what is this company all about and exactly what do they offer? This company provides various step stools, benches and tables. that are all built to be used and to last. Their items are definitely made of the highest quality and come in unique designs that fold, which provides easy and convenient storage.

The great thing about stepping stools, benches and tables is that there are so many uses for them. Reaching for items high up on shelves that can be used throughout the home and are even great for children. As well as many uses for their benches and tables.

Along with stools, they offer various tables that are truly durable and useful. You can choose from folding utility tables, trucker's table, needle-guard vaccination table and their workstation table. There are so many uses. One of their tables that is very useful is their workstation table. It is a foldable table and great for anyone of your customers who are constantly on the go.

This table features a center curve that allows the person sitting to sit closer to the table, which is important for various activities like writing, studying, eating reading and working on the computer.

Wooden Folding StoolsThe portable folding table is also attractive, sturdy and fully functional. It's very easy to carry and great for any one of your customers who may have an apartment, college student and is also great for medical clinics, receiving rooms and wheelchair bound. You can even feature this item as a gift, especially as a high school graduate gift so they use it when they head off to college and pair it with a few other essentials like home textiles, decor and school supplies to create a wonderful gift idea.

Also, lets not forget about the wonderful stools they provide. You'll find various stools like their tower stool and plastic stool that are all great for reaching items high up and various other uses. Also, they feature sales counter tops, lecterns, pedestals, folding benches, RV steps, shooter's bench and even a volleyball coaches box. This company offers various tables, benches and stools that will fit right into your store and your customer's homes.

If you're looking for great products that are suitable for all your customers, Tower Stool LLC Company offers them. Their wonderful stools, tables and benches are great for so many things and your customers will absolutely have to have one for their home.


Sick Of Standing & Reaching? Try Tower Stools

January 14, 2010
Let's face it. Unless you're an exercise fanatic, some activities are avoided like the plague. Repeatedly bending, stretching, stooping, squatting, reaching, or standing on tiptoes is not fun. If there's a way around these inconvenient exercises, most will flock to it. It's with this understanding that Tower Stool LLC was born.

Folding Wooden Stools, Pedestals & LecternsTower Stool LLC creates - what else? - stools. These are hinged wooden stools that allow you to sit comfortably, reach new heights without a step ladder or stretching, perch supplies, and more. The secret to their popularity is the hinge. This allows Tower Stools to be folded for easier storage. For apartment dwellers, people with limited office space, RV owners and anyone else with space issues, these stools are a dream come true.

Of course, man cannot live on wooden stools alone. That's why Tower Stool LLC went the extra mile and created floor and table lecterns, folding benches, folding utility tables, folding portable sales counters, wooden pedestals, and an extensive list of accessories to boot. There's even a shooter's table for people bound to wheelchairs!

Two favorite new products from Tower Stool LLC are the vaccination tables and fish cleaning tables. Need to inoculate farm or ranch animals? It's a dirty job for most but it's made far easier by Tower Stool's Needle-Guard™ vaccination tables. This table features color coded holsters for vaccination guns. The holsters can be easily removed for cleaning. It also allows vaccination tools to be warmed during cold months.

Of course, not many eat fresh fish the same way it came out of the river, pond or lake. Fish need to be cleaned even before they become sushi. For the avid fisherman, Tower Stool LLC has introduced a deluxe fish cleaning table.

Florists and craftsman especially love these wooden stools and other products because they make life at the workbench easier. There are stools for resting in front of the workbench. There are pedestals and wooden stools for holding tools or objects as they await preparation or dry out. When the end of the day finally rolls around, you'll see a huge increase in productivity AND feel the difference in once uncommonly tired muscles.

With helpful furniture like this, tiny but unpleasant exercises are a thing of the past. No more standing on tired feet. Grab a wooden stool and sit down! No more reaching for things on the top shelf or climbing onto the counter to be able to reach. Unfold the sturdy wooden stool and reach with ease!

Put your pain to rest. Visit Tower Stool LLC for a world of difference.

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