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Wildmoon Enterprises LLC

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WildMoon Enterprises LLC Makes Delicious Salsa That You Have To Taste To Believe

August 25, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Salsa can come in a lot of different varieties: mild, medium, spicy, pepper-based, fruit-based, corn-infused, chocolate. But what separates the good salsa from the just-OK salsa?

For the answer to that question, all you need to do is try a bite of the delicious salsa made by WildMoon Enterprises LLC. This family-owned and operated company is based in Fargo, North Dakota, and wants to provide the best salsa on the market to you and your customers!

What makes WildMoon and their salsa stand out from the rest of the salsa pack is that they only use their own original recipes for their salsas. You don't have to worry about their products tasting like the leading brand of salsa on the market; they taste way better than the rest of the competition!

Livin' On Salsa Time T-Shirt

They started their journey at local Farmer's Markets in 2005, selling their product as booths to anyone who wanted to try a bite. Eventually, they progressed to include boutiques, convenience stores, specialty stores, and natural food stores and co-ops.

The recipes for the salsa come from CEO Raul Luna's upbringing in South Texas. His mother's homemade salsas are the basis for everything WildMoon makes. You're guaranteed to get authentic flavor when you buy from WildMoon Enterprises.

One of their most popular flavors of salsa is their Corn Salsa. This delectable authentic salsa features chunks of delicious corn, and combination of spices in a red tomato base. It's an excellent salsa for chips, and will pair extremely well with any chili, chicken tortilla soup, quesadilla, taco, grilled meat, nacho, casserole, or scrambled egg meal your customers can come up with!

Corn Salsa

Another one of their popular flavors is their traditional Salsa Red. It's an all natural authentic salsa that's free from preservatives. It's a chunky tomato-based salsa with a medium hotness. Pair this salsa with tacos, burgers, meatloaf and more, and you'll have an amazing meal that will keep people coming back over and over again! It's also a great additive to any queso dip.

Finally, your customers have GOT to try their Luna Salsa. This is the salsa that inspired the whole shindig, as it originated from the CEO's mother, who is originally from Mexico. It's a tomatillo-based salsa that has a sweet/tart flavor, with hints of lemon, green apples, and herbs. It's perfect as a relish on hot dogs or brats, or as a garnish on beef, chicken, scrambled eggs, fish, pork and more! Love guacamole? Blend some Luna Salsa in there and see how much more flavor you get out of your guac!

Besides their wholesale salsa products, WildMoon Enterprises also sells their original Livin' on Salsa Time apparel line. You can order the design on a variety of different apparel options, such as men's and women's t-shirts, hoodies, and aprons.

WildMoon Enterprises LLC makes salsa in the traditional, authentic Mexican way. With lots of flavor, hearty ingredients, and traditional recipes! Try them today for salsas you have to taste to believe!

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