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How You Can Have The Most Fun 3-in-1 Plush Toy Ever | Welcome to FGmarket Buzz

The next great part of Zoobie® pets is the cozy pillow. Each pet folds out into a large, cozy pillow for kids to enjoy during naptime or fun pillow fights. Ready for little boy or girl to go to sleep? Zoobie® toys aren’t your normal stuffed animals. Instead of fluffy filler, Zoobie® toys come with their own plush blankets for kids (or adults) to enjoy. Zoobies® are also great for car rides, visiting grandma and grandpa, and are the perfect naptime toy. Even adults will love this quirky toy as part of a sweet Valentines Day, birthday, or anniversary gift.

So why do your customers really like these snuggly plush animals? Children love these cuddly toys because they are cute, soft, fun to play with, and quite snuggly. Parents love Zoobies® animals because their children love the fun toys. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble. Zoobies® are soft enough that the children are in no danger of getting hurt.

What’s even more important to the busy parent is that Zoobies are save time and money by being the all in one bedtime buddy for their children. Being the store that goes the extra mile to bring Zoobies® to these parents will keep these parents returning to your store (and telling their friends) for more fun, kid and parent-friendly toys.

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