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Alice Sturzinger LLC

Beautiful Hand Blown Murano Glass Jewelry & Gift Items ~ Endearing Music Boxes from Switzerland, Germany & Italy
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408 Bloomfield
Montclair, NJ 07042
Fax: 973.746.9390
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Alice Sturzinger LLC offers:

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Product Preview

Alice Sturzinger is offering a special introductory offer for Murano Glass jewelry.

We will offer free shipping on any order of $500 or more just mention "FGM2020".

Plus we will offer Branded Displays for your jewelry!

Alice Sturzinger Is The Perfect Gift For The Sophisticated Woman

June 6, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Provide your clients with the perfect accessory for those ladies who are stylish and sophisticated with Alice Sturzinger's jewelry and music boxes.

Alice Sturzinger, LLC started in 1963 when Alice, who hailed from a little farming village in the German-speaking countryside in Switzerland, arrived in New York, only planning to be in the states a year or two to learn the language. One of her functions within the Swiss Benevolent Charity organization where she worked as an executive secretary was to sell music boxes as a fundraiser. Her first sale was a little red musical Christmas ball that played "Silent Night" when you pulled the string. With the success of that one sale, Alice began importing music boxes and built her business single-handedly. Fast forward more than 50 years and she is still going strong, adding the Murano glass jewelry from Venice to her product line a few years ago.

They offer dozens of necklaces, from delicate shimmering strands grouped together, to bright Murano glass beads that lend itself to a chunkier look. Many can be purchased with matching bracelets, earrings, and even rings. Popular colors include black, turquoise, red, gold and amethyst, and many sport a combination of colors. Some necklaces can be layered and worn long, while others are meant to stay against the neck.

Every piece is handcrafted by Venetian artists in Italy, from hand blowing each glass bead to stringing every necklace. Slight variations in each piece make each one a unique piece of art. For example, in the Carnival Collection, the main bead has sterling silver or gold foil blown into the glass. There are 24 collections of Murano glass jewelry, so you will find many pieces that are sure to please. Pieces are beautifully packaged and come with a guarantee of authenticity.

Verdi Necklace Short Green

And as for the music boxes, well, they are just as exquisite! They are imported from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. The craftsmanship is of excellent quality by craftsmen that take pride in their work. Music boxes fall into nine main categories: ballerina, fine, jewelry, musical instruments, musical paperweights, picture music boxes, ring boxes, and singing bird boxes.

Floral Music Box

The musical paperweights feature a box the that can include a personal photo. The fine music boxes get their name from the fine woods used to create them. Each jewelry box is lined with velvet; these boxes are really where you can see the attention to detail in the borders and brass feet. The picture boxes feature well-known and well-loved artists, like Renoir and Degas. They are stunning. And the Singing Birds are truly special. Precise German engineering is used to recreate birds singing using a system of slide whistles and bellows. The bird will move its beak and head while singing. They are offered in both an antique and a gold finish. The ballerina music boxes have delicate inlaid ballerinas on the lids. The music instrument music box is made to look like a classic grand piano and plays Beethoven's "Fur Elise." Even perhaps the most simple of boxes, the ring boxes, are beautiful works of art. Each features artwork on top, many featuring floral designs; one even has the Star of David.

Dew Drop Earrings

So, if you are looking for that perfect gift, you will do well to consider Alice Sturzinger LLC!

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Unique and Beautiful
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High quality. One of a kind pieces. Must see!
Antica Murrina Glam Glass 2013
Watch this video to see the newest 2013 Collection of Murano glass jewelry from Antica Murrina. Each piece is designed with the latest fashion trends in mind. Hand made using authentic Murano Glass. For more information go to www.alicesturzinger.com Or call us directly at 973-7746-9000
Glass Masters at work creating jewelry!
Watch this video to see a Glass Master at work creating our jewelry. You will see how each piece is made by hand! Really incredible to see. For additional product information visit www.alicesturzinger.com or call us directly at 973-736-9000

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