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Cindy Wenger Animal Communication Consultant

Peaceable Kingdom Communications
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Cindy Wenger Animal Communication Consultant offers:

  • Pets
    • Eco-Friendly Pet Products
    • Flea Products - Tick Products
    • Pet Health
      • Circulatory
      • Digestive
      • Herbal
      • Joint Inflammation
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Focus On Your Pet's Well-Being With Peaceable Kingdom Essentials

April 26, 2012
How does your store stay on top of the ever-growing trends within the pet industry? Your customers not only look out for their well-being, they also want to ensure the well-being of their pets. Show your customers that you care about their pets and stay up-to-date on trends with Peaceable Kingdom Essentials.

Herbal TincturesPeaceable Kingdom Essentials is committed to providing the most effective, natural pet products and pet herbal remedies. They offer earth friendly, superior quality tinctures and natural pet products as well as delicious herbal teas for people. You'll find that their organic liquid tinctures and herbal teas are developed and blended by people, not machines. Their focus is providing the very best for pets through their organic remedies.

What type of pet herbs will you find from Peaceable Kingdom Essentials? First off, animals are truly affected by the health challenges of modern-day living like, pollution, poor nutrition, processed foods, stress and just a general unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, they created their herbal tinctures that help with the well-being of pets.

They offer Reliever Achiever that soothes and heals minor skin abrasions, irritations and hot spots and Paws A Moment that helps with calming high anxiety. You'll also find other pet remedies that help with chronic joint inflammation, boosting immunity, help in organ function, supports digestive tract and help within strengthening.

Along with great pet herbal remedies, your customers can also choose from all-natural flea repellent powder, worm away, coconut chips, kelp and catnip. Your customers will enjoy seeing these amazing products in your store to help better the lives of their beloved pets. It's even nice to pair these items with organic, gourmet pet food and animal toys to create a wonderful gift for their pet.

Flea PowderWhat makes this company understand the needs of pets? Cindy Wenger is an actual animal communicator with Peaceable Kingdom Animal Communications. She communicates with your animals, which in turn provides many benefits like, behavior problems, health issues, death & dying, upcoming changes, check ins, getting their own perspective and lost animals.

With this expertise and knowledge, she is able to understand what works best for pets and focus on their needs.

For your customers who have pets as a part of their family and are focused on their well-being, Peaceable Kingdom Essentials offers wonderful effective and natural products that focus on promoting animal well-being.

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