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Pure Catnip, Curiously Strong - Fancy Feline Elixir
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293 Auburn Rd
Turner, ME 04282
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Dr. Pussums Catnip Toys are always 100% PURE CATNIP. Never any fillers. Catnip is great added fiber for you cat to help with digestion and hairball production. Artificial fillers can be harmful and very costly when blockages need to be removed. Seeing is believing!
Toby Kickin' it with a Dr. Pussums Kick Nip Toy!
Cats LOOOOOVVVEEEE to use all four paws and "rabbit kick" with our Dr. Pussums Kick Nip Toys!
Lickers & Lovers!
Is your kitty what we call a KickerChaser or a LickerLover?!?!?! Sula here is lickin' and lovin' on her Dr. Pussums Toss About!
Cats go CRAZY for Dr. Pussums!
Here is Nero going WILD for Dr. Pussums Lobstah Nip! Hours of entertainment for you AND your kitty!

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