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Expressions of Grief

Bereavement Jewelry for Widows and Anyone Who Has Lost a Loved One
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Essex, MD 21221
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Expressions of Grief by Diane: Offers Peace and Comfort to the Bereaved

October 15, 2013
There is little in life more difficult, or more universal, than losing a loved one. It's a trying process, but it's also one that everyone experiences at one time or another. As a business owner, making money from an item meant to help someone deal with or commemorate the loss of a loved one may seem macabre, but the reality is quite the opposite.

It is necessary for you, as a store owner, to carry these items so that those who need or want them can have convenient access to them. It is a valuable product to you because it will sell well, thus keeping you and your store afloat. For the customer, it is a much needed memento, a reminder of the one they lost. In the end, everybody wins. And isn't that what good business is all about?

Mourning Jewelry

If you are in the market for a product promoting peace and comfort in a time of loss, check out the mourning jewelry available at Expressions of Grief by Diane! Mourning jewelry is a ring or other piece of jewelry meant to commemorate or symbolize the loss of a loved one. There are many different kinds available at Expressions, but the most common is the widow's ring, traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. A third ring, one worn in addition to the wedding and engagement rings instead of replacing them, is a type of widow's ring.

But Expressions doesn't just carry widow's rings. They carry rings designed for other family members wishing to display a symbol of their loss as well. A mother grieving the loss of a child? A sister grieving the loss of a brother? There are ring designs for all expressions of grief. They even have rings for men!

Born from Grief

Expressions began when owner Diane lost her own husband. She searched for a widow's ring, and once she found it, it provided her with the comfort she needed to hold the unraveling pieces of her life together. Her experience and her desire to help others find the same peace and tranquility that she found led her to create her own line of widow's rings. This has evolved into the complete line of rings available today.

The majority of the rings feature black, either with a solitaire or simply in the design. There are a multitude of options and styles available, each with the sole purpose of bringing comfort and relief to one who has lost someone close to her heart.

Diane began this business as an opportunity to help others and that continues to be her goal today. Expressions of Grief by Diane is a company with a heart. They make helpful, valuable products so that you can sell helpful, valuable products to your customers. Everyone suffers loss. Carrying mourning jewelry helps your customers find peace. Contact Diane at Expressions today!

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