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Local Drop Marketing

Local Drop Marketing offers:

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    • Business Opportunities
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  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
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Fill More Orders with Local Drop Marketing

December 1, 2020

Fill your floral orders with an affordable option that helps you generate more sales with Local Drop Marketing!

Here to help florists and small businesses of all types, Local Drop Marketing offers the tools you need to help you reach your customers quickly and efficiently. With roots in the floral industry and the understanding that most small businesses have a limited budget for marketing, Local Drop Marketing designed an affordable system that helps generate orders. Making it a part of their mission to help the person who has put it all on the line for their business, they are here to help make your business thrive through targeted campaigns that show real results.

So how does it work? Local Drop Marketing allows you to start with the people you know. By simply adding your client's phone numbers into the efficient automated system, you can begin by reaching them first. After adding your client phone numbers, you can record your voicemail and let them know all the amazing deals you have going on in your shop. The automated system from there allows you to start your marketing campaign and leaves a ringless voicemail to your clients so you never miss an opportunity to let them know about all the deals going on at your business. Allowing you to leave them a personal message, letting them know you care, this system is unlike any marketing tool you've used before. Get more leads than ever before with Local Drop Marketing.

More than just software, Local Drop Marketing is your partner in business. Offering no monthly fees, unlimited support, coaching sessions, and so much more, you can depend on them to set you up for success. This one-time investment is one that just keeps giving back. Save time and money so you can prioritize what you do best - your business. Stay top of mind while protecting your bottom line and watch as your business grows when you choose to go all-in with Local Drop Marketing.

Find out more about Local Drop Marketing at www.localdropmarketing.com!

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