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Northwest WildFoods

Enjoy the Genuine Wild & Natural Harvest of the Pacific Norhtwest
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Email for Wholesale Tollfree: 866.945.3232Local: 360.757.7940More Information
P.O. Box 855
Burlington, WA 98233
Fax: 360.757.0437
After Hours: 360.708.6339 ext. DNC
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   Northwest Wild Foods
    Enjoy the Genuine Wild & Natural Harvest of the Pacific Northwest
Located between the temperate Puget Sound and the rugged Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Wildfoods is a small, family-owned company in Burlington, Washington that is dedicated to bringing you the rare and natural wild flavors of our region. Our wild berries are hand-gathered in the lush woodlands of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains where our intrepid pickers often find themselves competing with Black bear, cougar and other native animals for the sweet, juicy berries. These include the wild blue huckleberry, wild red huckleberry, wild mountain blueberry and wild mountain blackberry. We invite you to select from our wonderful, yet limited-by-necessity, range of natural products. Serve them to friends, family or give them as cherished gifts. We guarantee you'll be a devotee in no time. 

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Taste Buds Can't Resist These Berry Jams

September 15, 2009
Envisioning the wild huckleberries and blueberries of the Pacific Northwest makes you want to take a deep breath and let the wave of intoxicating scent enrapture your senses. At least that's the reaction when you open up a jar of fresh berry jams and syrups from Northwest WildFoods.

Berry Jams Gift Pack from Northwest WildFoodsJams and syrups made of fresh blueberries and huckleberries taste delicious and look even better when packaged together like the world's yummiest gift.

Northwest WildFoods knows how irresistible their blueberry jam, honeysuckle jam, blueberry syrup, huckleberry syrup, and sweet honey are to the deserving palate. When the taste buds long for a succulent treat worthy of the finest gourmets, they turn to the wild flavors of jams, honeys and syrups from Northwest WildFoods.

Northwest WildFoods makes it easy to put together an irresistible gift set because they've already done it! They already package together some of their classic favorites; honey, jam and syrup in blueberry and huckleberry. If you're looking to buy a gourmet gift set without the worry of putting it together yourself, contact Northwest WildFoods.

They don't just stop there. They also offer flash frozen berries prepared the FIRST day they are harvested. Mt. Rainier blueberrries, wild blue huckleberries, wild mountain blackberries and wild red huckleberries are all available from Northwest WildFoods. All of these are available in jams and syrups as well. Plus, honey with the same great taste and care of the berries is available. Yum!

If you need a unique gourmet food gift, do not pass up wild berries or berry jams from Northwest WildFoods.

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