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Sage Stone Botanicals

Organic 100% Natural Body Products ~ Leaping Bunny Certified
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      • Holistic
      • Inflammation
      • Joints
      • Muscles - Relaxation
      • Pain Relief
      • Psoriasis
      • Rashes
      • Scrapes
      • Second Degree Burns
      • Skin
      • Sleep
      • Stress Relief
      • Sunburn
    • Insect Repellents
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Product Preview

Father's Day Special!

Citronella Gift Set - Offered for a Limited Time! 

These gift sets are perfect for any occasion! All ready for the giving, bundled in a beautiful chiffon bag.

Large set: Valued at $115, includes an 8oz Citronella Lotion, a 4oz Citronella Spray, an 8oz Unscented Body Wash, and a 5oz Unscented Hand and Heel Creme. Save $25!

Small set: Valued at $65, includes a 2oz Citronella Lotion, a 4oz Citronella Spray, a 2oz Unscented Body Wash, and a 2oz Unscented Hand and Heel Creme. A savings of $20!

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No other product works this well for my Psoriasis
posted by
"I have suffered from Psoriasis for 7 years. At first, it was just a couple of little patches but then it started showing up on my elbows, hands, forehead, and knees. I tried several different creams and other things that are supposed to help, but could never find anything that would completely clear my skin up.

I started using Sage Stone Botanical Hand and Heel Creme: about six months ago when my Office Manager told me about it. I read the brochure and it said it helped with Psoriasis so I decided to give it a try. Since I have been using it, my hands are completely healed and I notice about an 80% difference on my elbows and other areas of my body. I have never had any other product work this fast or this well. On top of clearing my skin of the ugly red scaly spots, it makes my skin feel incredibly soft. I give this lotion 5 stars. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!!"
Lip balm soothed my lips immediately
posted by
I have always had trouble finding an effective lip balm for myself. I began using SageStone Botanicals lip balm when I heard about it. One day I decided to buy a new kind of lip balm. It was one of those that look like a colored egg. As soon as I put it on it started to burn but I thought it might be because of the flavor. A few minutes later it caused my lips to break out and swell almost twice their size! Already having big lips, that's quite embarrassing!

I immediately put some of my Sage Stone Botanicals lip balm on and it soothed my lips almost immediately and helped the swelling go down. Ever since then I have used only Sage Stone Botanicals products. They are amazing!
Soothed my shingles
posted by
I had an outbreak of Shingles recently. It was very itchy and painful and as it rubbed against my clothes it became irritated even more. I tried all different aloe creams and straight 99% aloe gel. None of these worked. I tried your unscented Hand and Heel creme and it not only handled the itching, reduced the pain but protected it against my clothing. It healed faster than anything my doctor had encountered.
Best Creme I've Ever Tried
posted by
I have battled with psoriasis all my life. I have visited a ton of dermatologists and used every crème under the sun, prescription and over the counter. A friend turned me on to Sage Stone Botanicals Hand and Heel Crème so I decided to give it a try. After just a few days the cracks in my hands and feet have healed and my skin feels so much better! This really is the best crème I have ever tried!
The Soap is Easy on My Hands
posted by
As a bartender, my hands are constantly in water. The soap I was using was leaving my hands cracked and raw. I started using Sage Stone Botanicals hand soap and within a week my hands had improved dramatically and started healing! I now buy it in bulk and use nothing else! I’ve turned all my coworkers onto it as well!
Now I have soft feet for sandal season!
posted by
I have been using Sage Stone Botanicals Hand and Heel Creme for the last 17 days and I am so excited with the results so far! I have old, dry, hard and calloused feet and was of the impression that I would never have soft feet again. I’ve been using the crème every night at bedtime by lathering it on the problem areas, rubbing it in and then putting on a pair of socks.

This cream has softened my feet AND reduced the dryness and hardness. I am on my way to having soft feet again! This stuff really works! I am so excited to have softer looking feet for the next sandal season!
Soothing Soap
posted by
I am an RN and am constantly washing my hands. The soap provided by the hospital is severely damaging to the skin! I keep a small bottle of Sage Stone Botanicals Hand Soap in my scrubs and use it exclusively. The healing oils in this amazing soap have helped my hands tremendously! From all the nurses on my floor… Thank you!
Best Cream My Husband Has Ever Used
posted by
My husband and I were in Portland the end of September visiting family, and my niece took me to Saturday Market. I stopped at your booth as I’m always on the lookout for something that will be effective on my husband's dry heels. The lady demonstrating your product rubbed the cream into my hands and I really liked it! My niece also purchased the cream for her sons who have problems with extremely dry skin. Your cream is the best thing I have ever used on my husband's heels! When the small jar was empty, I knew I had to order more, and this time, I got the large!
Soothed My Hand-Foot Syndrome
posted by
I have stage IV cancer, and am on chemo. A side effect of the chemo is raw, cracking skin on the hands and feet (not surprisingly, called "hand-foot syndrome"). I tried other products, and either they didn't work, or were very messy and "goop-y." I saw Sage Stone Hand and Heel creme at a home show and decided to try it, because I love that it's organic too! To my surprise, it worked amazingly well. I decided to wait about a month before posting because I wanted to be sure it really would work over a sustained period of time. It has! My hands and feet are much softer, the cracking is almost gone, and I love how the product absorbs quickly so that it doesn't get all over my clothes or sheets. This is a wonderful product!
Painful Warts Are Gone/Improved
posted by
I began using the Hand & Heel Crème on my dry feet. After only three weeks of daily use, I was surprised to discover that the horrible warts on three toes and eight large and painful planter’s warts on my left foot were completely gone or greatly improved! I’d been fighting these with acid and freezing for 18 months and had resigned myself to having them surgically removed after the summer. Now, four months later ALL of the warts are completely gone and show no signs of return! Also my heels look like a child’s at age 64. All our family loves the refreshing peppermint bath wash and the use of just a little product goes a long way. I am grateful to have found Sage Stone Botanicals. Thank you.
The Only Creme That Has Worked on My Feet
posted by
I need to tell you how much this product has helped my dry feet. This is the only creme that has worked. I had my 45th high school reunion and my feet have never looked better. Thanks!
Resolved my psoriasis!
posted by
I have to write to let you know something completely amazing! My husband has had a bad patch under his knee for, maybe a year or so, of what I am 99.99% sure is psoriasis. I read up on this condition a couple months ago to see what we could do as it was getting bigger (was as big as about the size of the palm of my hand).

My research ended up at basically there is nothing to cure psoriasis-- you can only keep it at bay if you are lucky and this is only through a strict regimen of trial and error in the best case scenario. Not too hopeful. He had tried in the past many types of "healing" lotions and Rx strength cortisone and jojoba oil and the like. None of these even put a dent in the spot.

Just last night, as we were getting ready to head to bed, he tells me that he put some Sage Stone Lotion on his leg the night before. He showed it to me: There was nothing there! It was a total miracle!! 100% healed and overnight!! Many thank you's!
Amazing and Natural Insect Repellent
posted by
My family and I love being active and spend most of our spring, summer and fall outside. If we're not camping, hiking or biking, we are hanging out in our back yard. Being outside so much we have had our fair share of bug bites. Because I have children, I HATE USING POISONOUS PRODUCTS like DEET to keep the bugs away.

Two summers ago I came across Sage Stone Botanicals Citronella spray and lotion and IT IS AMAZING! I use both the spray (for clothing) and the lotion for skin. I have tried other "natural" bug repellents and this by far works the best and it's safe for the whole family!
Excellent Night Moisturizer
posted by
Thank you, Lynn, for the suggestion of using the hand and heel cream as a night moisturizer... I have been using this product since August to repair my cracked heels and toes, and it has worked wonders! I now no longer avoid sandals... Recently, I had some oil splash into my face as I was cooking dinner, and I noticed small blisters forming. I immediately put some of the cream on my face and the next morning, my face was completely clear! Love, love, love this product!!!

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