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Carma Games

Home of TENZI™, SLAPZI™, ITZI™, PAIRZI™, and the brand new BUILDZI™. The world's fastest, simplest games!
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Product Preview

Fast-Paced and Fun-Filled Games for the Whole Family

April 14, 2020

Entertain and delight your friends and family with action-packed games from Carma Games! PAIRZI, TENZI, and SLAPZI provide hours of nonstop fun, frenzy, and laughs.

Carma Games' Beginnings

In 2010, long-time friends Kevin and Steve got together and said, "Let's see if we can come up with a dice game!" Within a few weeks they created TENZI, a super-simple, super-fun game for the whole family. The rules of TENZI are simple; everyone gets 10 dice and rolls until each dice shows the same number. The first person to get all 10 dice to match and shout "TENZI" wins!

TENZI took off like a rocket and now, eight years later, they've sold over 3 million games and reached the shelves of over 5,000 stores! Since then, Carma Games has created other simple, fast-paced games like SLAPZI, ITZI, and PAIRZI. Say goodbye to over-complicated rules and long set-up times, and hello to snappy, energetic dice and card games!

"Roll a Pair, Grab a Pair!"

PAIRZI is the newest game release from the creators of TENZI. It's a heart-racing and exciting speed-matching game that will leave everyone smiling! With easy and straightforward rules, everyone can play and participate. Simply grab two dice and keep rolling as fast as you can! If you get a pair, you get to find and collect that many matching pairs of Critter Cards. So, if a player rolls a pair of 3's, they can find and collect three pairs of Critter Cards. There are no turns in this game! Everyone races to roll dice and find pairs at the same time until all the Critter Cards are gone. The player with the most Critter Cards wins! Watch the video below to see how much fun and laughter PAIRZI brings to the table!

Game Night Just Got Better

With fast-moving games and multiple ways to play, it's no wonder that Carma Games is a family favorite. Liven up your next get-together or game night with PAIRZI and watch the laughs ensue!

Learn more about Carma Games at www.ilovetenzi.com!


FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Carma Games

March 27, 2019

Do you need a quality, fun-filled family night? Then check out the variety of products from Carma Games. It's a fun, fast frenzy for everyone to enjoy!

Carma Games began with Kevin's idea to create new board games. After Steve agreed to help, the two put their minds together and came up with the rules for the game now known as TENZI. After trying to pitch the new game to a few toy stores, finally, they found one that was interested and immediately saw customers delighted to try it. Now, Carma Games offers not only TENZI but two other games as well called SLAPZI and ITZI.

The objective for TENZI is to be the first player to get all ten of your dice to show the same number. Each game comes with four sets of dice and varies in colors. It's a great game for every age to enjoy. There are also six other ways to play which are included in the description.

SLAPZI is the next game from Carma Games, and it is all about speed. The goal is to be the first person to get all five of your picture cards. Every game has 120 picture cards, and 65 clue cards included. This game was awarded Astra Best Toys For Kids in the Family Game Night category. For even more family fun, you can buy the SLAPZI add-on game to play with the original game.

The last game is ITZI, and it's another game focused around speed. To win the game, you have to be the first one to get rid of all five of your letter cards. This game contains 120 ITZI cards and 75 Letter Cards. This game is simple, fast, and full of fun and colorful twists.

Give your customers the opportunity to have some family fun and order for wholesale today!

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How to Play ITZI
How to Play ITZI
How to play SLAPZI
SLAPZI is a super-simple, super-fast, super-fun game for everyone!
How to play TENZI
TENZI is a fun, fast, frenzy. 40 dice and a whole bunch of fun!

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