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Vase of Life®

Celebrate and Honor All Your Seasons of Life! Magnetic, Interchangeable & Collectible!
Vase of Life Wholesale
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Product Preview

Give the gift to yourself of being grateful in all things...When we are grateful, it sets in motion a heart filled with thankfulness in all seasons. When you are grateful in a season of hardship, you fuel a fire that never gives up in times of great adversity.  It is during these times we are tested and tried.  Some of us may grow weary and give up while others continue to be grateful for the difficult journey.

During the journey, you may discover a change or transformation in yourself.  It is in this transformation, being grateful is a mindset or armor that you wear everyday! If you put on your armor of gratiude to start your day, you are much more able to adapt when hardship rears its head. You begin to see transformation in those that surround you, and the fire that is inside of you lights up in others. Be a FIRE that spreads to those that surround you in gratitude. 

The Vase of Life® wholesale captures the emotion of life being celebrated & honored from the beginning with baby to the end with Loving Memory, and all the cherished moments in between...Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Home, Forever Family and Friends, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas & More!

We help your business grow with our FREE digital marketing package including free product images, copy, logos, and social media images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so you are ready to market as soon as your product arrives! Visit out wholesale page lisazoriginal.com/wholesale or call 877-LINK-230 for more details. We look forward to speaking with you! 

Do you remember as a kid picking petals off of flowers?  He loves me, he loves me not?  My Grandson and I picked some wild daisies yesterday on our walking path...bringing them home and putting them in water to enjoy thier beauty and symbol of NEW beginnings.  Life is celebrated and honored, with picking of each petal, for all our life events! Sharing birthday anniversary, forever family, forever friends, loving memory, weddings, and much more with our sentiments that inspire, connect, and comfort. From the beginning with baby, to the end with loving memory we capture the emotion of life with all our products.  www.lisazoriginals.com

Earth Day...beauty in my backyard.  Nature tells a story of peaceful waters that naturally flow with every trickle, new green life budding from the trees, and the sun shining on our faces.  "Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher."  ~William Wordworth  #earthday #nature #peace #oneness #harmony #lisazoriginals #vaseoflife 

Easter morning...the stage has been set for our current times with the corona virus. Rain, lightning, and thunder in Iowa instead of butterflies and sunny skies. As I listen to the rain and reflect on this day, I'm reminded that the days in darkness are limited. We must all come out of the tomb into the vibrant colorful new day. This image reminds me of suffering and what Jesus had to endure and still does today by watching some of us suffer. I can only imagine how heavy his heart is right now watching people from above...Suffering makes us stronger, it makes us appreciate what we have, it makes us rely and lean on God, and it makes us grateful when times are difficult!

SPRING revealed from the depths of the earth! My son and I planted bulbs last Fall in the hopes that new life would emerge, in a burst of color, from the ground…the balance of Mother Nature, a labor of toil and effort to plant them, and a hope and a prayer from a bulb that seemed to not have any life when planted.

Are you planted in an area where you have life and hope? Faith gives you hope and an anchor when you are lost. Faith reminds you that new life is always happening even in uncertain times with pandemics bombarding us. Faith opens the way to trust even when we don’t know the outcome. Faith brings new life, new color, and calmness in a sea of turbulence. Find new life today in someone you love or simply in flowers in bloom...

STORMS of LIFE…bring darkness, violent winds, lightening, and turbulence to our lives. If we continue to walk and add beams of light to our path, we can be guided through the storms. The Coronavirus feels like the dark storm we are all facing right now. Our lights do not have to go out during times of uncertainty and fear. Carry a new light everyday, touch someone with your light, drop your light and watch your path light up behind you. Be reminded that with each new day, we need to pick up our light and share it with others. Be the light of the world as ONE in any storm we face together. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

How can we find LIGHT in the DARKNESS?  Most of us have experienced negative impacts from the corona virus in one way or another. Some of our foundations have started to crack, shift, or crumble! As we try and naviagate all the uncertainies in our world today, I go back to what carries us through each and every life crisis we encounter. To be grateful and positive instead of fearful and anxious.

When you are reminded that staying at home can be precious time playing games, cooking meals togehter, or watching meaningful movies. When you discover the flowers you planted last fall with your son are peaking out of the ground. One is reminded again and again of new life and Spring surrounding us in new light! When you are grateful to still have a job when others are being laid off.  Finally, when we can all help one another by spreading what we are grateful for instead of all the negative fear the virus of uncertainity and darkness continues to spread. 

Can we have PEACE in the midst of the world Pandemic storm? FEAR is spreading out of control like a FIRE

in the violent toranado winds! How can we calm our fears to remain calm and reasonable in the chaos of the world?  I have peace today, not because of the pandamic but because I have calm inside, in the midst of the storm.  I seek peace through love and share that peace with others to rise above the storms of this world. We are all in this together to see each other through no matter what tomorrow brings...it is in this unity we share our concerns and we share our peace and light that dwells within us. Rise above to share peace and calm, not fear...

The FEELING of spring!  The calendar doesn't reflect spring yet, but in the early morning hours the birds are singing a beautiful melody right outside my windows reminding spring is near. Spring is a time for new flower blossoms, new color, new grass/leaves, fresh rain, and new life.  We too can blossom into a life that is filled with COLOR and new LIFE! 

Enjoy the Gift of an extra day today on Febuary 29th!  Remember what's important in your life as you

reflect on the pine trees that live through all the seasons, as the light reflects off the calmness of the pond, and as you look to the mountain for peace and stability.  

Do you ever wonder what it would take to have our world wrapped in green, NEW life?  If it radiated a peaceful glow, if droplets of water were bountiful in all places, and if the idea turned into reality instead of just an idea. Ideas are just ideas, but when the seeds are planted and watered they begin to grow into new life wrapped in purpose and passion. 

Jump for LOVE!  Find love in the gloomy days of winter, find love on the beach, find love in forgiveness, find love in exploring something new, and find love in the not so common places of life. When you share love with others, it opens up a new path where others can jump for love in everything they do. Find our entire Love category for Valentine's, or just because you'd like to share a unique gift sharing love 365 days of the year.  Lisa'z love products offer a sparkle to gift giving! https://lisazoriginals.com/love-3/

Gifts of Love are just that...A never-ending season of Love where our love over flows from one holiday to the next.  Our Wrapped in Light 7 peice set on Amazon Prime is the perfect git to capture Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and more!  Wrap your family and friends in light, love, and warmth with our unique gifts from the heart. Our soy candles are made in the USA, and have over 120 hours of clean burn.  Purchase on Amazon Prime today!  

Have you heard the holiday song...Good Tidings of COMFORT & JOY? These two words go to the depths of our hearts and blend a melody that we are ALL in search of.  COMFORT in knowing that we have a solid foundation to stand on for our lives, and JOY that shines out of our presence with a genunie care for others.  As we prepare for the busy holidays, may we slow down and find comfort in the love we share with our family and friends, and may we find JOY in the HOLY season of ONENESS...

In life, family, and business living to a higher love brings purpose to anything you do.  When you stay passionate and live a life that stays the course, you experience peace in the wind, sparkle in the snowflake, passion in the flame, and strength in the rock.  Lisa'z Products SHOP

Thanksgiving GRATITUDE...What are you thankful for this year?  Perhaps, sharing a bountiful meal with your family is one of the most obvious ones.  Being grateful for the simple things in life is one of the most powerful ways to attract more positivity in your life! Being grateful opens the doors to new opportunities, new relationships, new insights, new understanding, and new business.  When your gratitidue is a daily way of living, you'll discover blessings in every aspect of your life and relationships.  Pass it on...Being grateful in ALL times, in all things, and in all ways! 

SYMBOLS...tell a story of how peace and love could transform the world.  As doves spread thier wings and fly into the blue skies, they become magestic in flight!  When the world is a MAGNET to the positive, we can attract peace into our lives, hearts, business, and our homes.  

Loving Memories...of our family and friends that have been called HOME by name.  As we mourn our losses, we find comfort in knowing our loved ones are resting in peace.  Many links in our chain are missing, but we know they will reconnect again.  Our Vase of Life floral bouquets honor and celebrate the breath and depth of life.  Find them at www.lisazoriginals.com today! 

ENERGY...do you have positive or negative energy?  Negative energy radiates out of a person, and drains others around them.  Positive energy gives us an ELECTRIC magnetic field of power to enrich the lives of others, keeps us on task to never give up, helps us empower others, and reminds us relationships at work and in our personal lives should be positive.  God gives us grace to keep bringing our energy back to the positive side of oneness.  Energy...is a choice, what do you choose? 

FLAMES...we can ALL start a fire of inspiration, start a fire of hope, start a fire for oneness where ONE LOVE continues to fuel the flame.  If your flame is your business, keep that passion burning!  If your flame is volunteering to help others, then continue to fan those flames.  If you have a heart to comfort others who are grieving, please continue to offer the gift of healing. Whatever you do, even if you think it is insignificant, it is not to the person on the receiving end.  Keep the flames burning together to make our world a more compassionate, loving, and caring place to be!   Learn more...www.lisazoriginals.com

Seasons of LIFE!  Transform into a new season and be the best season of  your life you can be!

Be loving, be kind, be grateful, be surrounded by those who make a positive difference in your life, and just be you...unique, genunie, and true...

25% off!  Fall in LOVE decorating! Fall in Love this season with our Infinite Links Home Decor that can be wrapped around almost anything...Mom brings love and endless love to a home. Our Infinite Links can be used for any life occasion to wrap your love in a unique gift that keeps giving.  From the beginning with It's a Boy/Girl to the end with Loving Memory.  We celebrate and honor life to capture the emotion of your life events. Use coupon code 25offselect at checkout until October 20th, 2019.  Shop all our LINKS   https://lisazoriginals.com/links-3/

Wholesale flowershops can wrap any floral bouquet to celebrate and honor life for their customers!  From the beginning with It's a Boy/Girl to the end with Loving Memory, we capture the depth of life!  Find success by adding our category to your website as Boesen the Florist has done, and watch the category sell itself.  We offer free images to all flowershops with a minimum purchase.  See our entire line of products on www.vaseoflife.com (wholesale) or www.lisazoriginals.com (retail) to discover a new category for your customers that will capture their memories forever.  

Measures of Life.  In the BEGINNING...we are born into this world.  As we grow, we are measured by the small dash line on our graves...the DASH line between our beginning and ending.  The dash line is a symbol of each and every breath taken by the person who has gone to rest. 

The dash is a reflection of how we lived, and how we spent our dash.  Did we love, forgive, and help others when needed?  Did we live our dash with purpose, passion, and grace?  As we reflect on our dash, remember it is not how much we own: the house, the cars, the investments...but the times we love and show appreciation for others, and purposely measure the moments of LIFE that take our breath away! 

Shop all products on Lisa'z Originals lisazoriginals.com from the beginning to the ending, we celebrate life with meaning and purpose! 

Funeral Forever Keepsakes 25% off!  Infinte Links captures the "forever" when losing a loved one.  Our products celebrate and honor all your life moments from the beginning to the end.  Wrap our Infinite Links around an urn, floral bouqet, candle, or plant from the funeral as a forever cherished keepsake of your loved one.  Includes Dangle Link and 4 sentiments of Loving Memory, Welcome Home, Love, and Memories.  Visit lisazoriginals.com and use Coupon code assort25 at chekout until October 1st, 2019.  Shop Category Life Assortments for 25% off to celebrate and honor Funeral, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Welcome Home, Thinking of you and more.  

How many times have you heard the GOLDEN rule?  Treat others as you'd like to be treated...In business dealings, do we act with integrity?  Do we consider that in negotations, the benefit may not be revealed right away?  Do we hope that if a bad decision is made, somehow it will benefit our business instead of harm it?  When you are the face of your business keep it simple, keep it golden, and always treat others as you'd like to be treated. 

 Vase of Life : 

Simply Mom for Mother's Day, her birthday, or just because you love her...Mom's come in many different forms that comfort, protect, nurture, offer support, and rejoice in children.  A Mother's Love is unlike anything we will experience in a lifetime!  Capture and celebrate the sentiment of Mom today at ____Your Shop Name Here______  and add our forever keepsakes to any arrangement of your choice!   We at the Vase of Life offer you unique products, unique advertising from the heart, images, video, copy, and other marketing materials specific to your flower or gift shop.  We understand you are busy so let us help you with marketing the Vase of Life...where we celebrate and honor life and the moments that make up that life! 

The Vase of Life celebrates and honors all your life moments.  From the beginning with baby, to the end with Loving Memory.  After the flowers fade away the links can be used on candles, bottles, plants, urns, pottery, and much more!  Perfect for your flower or gift shop to add extra sentiment and meaning to all your life moments that matter.  To help you market the Vase of Life we supply all images, videos, and written copy for FREE!  Find us at www.vaseoflife.com

Wrap your flowers this Valentine's Day with an extra touch of love with our Vase of Life collection!  After the flowers fade away the links can be used on a variety of home decor products such as candles, plants, photos, urns, and much more!  https://vimeo.com/267678878

Visit our wholesale website at www.vaseoflife.com  

Are you looking for a product that sells all year long with large margins?  Are you looking for a product that CONNECTS with your customers for meaningful life events?  Our Vase of Life collection  CELEBRATES  all your customers life events from the beginning of our lives until the end.  It also captures those cherished moments in between like Birthday, Anniversary, Mom, Home, Wedding, Faith, Family, Friends and much more!  

We add an extra touch of love with our products, and our images capture that love forever. We supply all the images for FREE!  Your shop can add the images to your existing website as well as use them for social media purposes.  If you call and ask for the FREE images today, we will also include a FREE LOVE sentiment for each item you purchase.  Call our toll free number at 1-877-LINK-230 for the password access to the Vase of Life website or for any other questions.  Our line is versatile, magnetic, collectible & interchangeable! 

Visit our wholesale website for the Vase of Life products (call or email for password) at https://vaseoflife.com/ or https://lisazoriginals.com/ for the entire collection at retail. Email - lisa@lisazoriginals.com

Birthday celebrations with Infinite Links!  Give a unique gift that links you forever to your birthday friend, family, sister, mom, grandmother, aunt, bridesmaids, or that special female in your life.  Our Dangle Link comes with sentiments including Celebrate, Welcome Home, Joy, and Love.  Our links are versatile to adjust to many home decor items including candles, vases, plants, wine bottles, picture frames, and much more!  Our line is Magnetic, Interchangeable & Collectible to celebrate and honor all your seasons of life!  Shop now and receive 25% off by using coupon code assort25 at checkout.  Original Price - $24.99  Sale Price - $18.74

Celebrate Life With Lisa'z Originals

October 15, 2019

Say goodbye to home decor that fades in style over time—Lisa'z Originals decor has a timeless and classic feel with a sense of purpose!

In 2011, Lisa Montgomery founded her company to create products that weren't only home decor, but also carried sentiment and celebrated life's most cherished moments. Lisa'z Originals recognizes not only the joys of life but the connections that come from inevitable sorrows.

"From the beginning of our lives with a 'Gift from God' to the end with 'Loving Memory,' we capture the depth of life and death," Montgomery said.

Lisa'z Originals captures the emotion felt during any moment of life and focuses on a more personal and inspired world where connections are made.

The Vase of Life is Montgomery's creation that serves as a way to celebrate any event long after the flowers have faded away. A fresh bouquet of designer's choice comes with a special link around the vase to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, or even just simple love for a special someone! Once the flowers fade away, the link remains and can be placed on candles, bottles, vases, picture frames, and other meaningful home decor items. These vases focus on big life events and keep the emotion ever-present with the beautiful silver links.

If flowers aren't the gift style you need, try the Wrapped in Light candles. The soy-based candles produce a delicious cinnamon scent and also come wrapped with a link to celebrate any big moment that will forever stay in your memory. The featured sentiments, such as "Our Home," "Welcome Home," and "Happy Birthday" are magnetic and can easily be switched out or stored away.

The Life Assortment Infinite Links are another perfect way to honor life changes. Each assortment comes with four sentiments that can be switched out on gorgeous crystal or cross links ensuring you can celebrate every birth and honor every death.

Funerals, weddings, births, birthdays, and anniversaries can fill life with joy and sorrow, but Lisa'z Originals knows how important those emotions are. Preserve every moment with the unique and heartwarming products that create precious memories to last a lifetime!

Interested in purchasing for wholesale? Go to vaseoflife.com for more information.

"We love Vase of Life and Infinite Links! They are the perfect way to dress up plain old glass vases and just add that something special for loved ones to have a keepsake! Lisa is great to work with, she stands behind her product and its meaning!" - Brenda

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Infinite Links
posted by
I love the sentiments displayed by Infinite Links! they make a gift of flowers or a candle much, much more personal and thoughtful. They are also great quality products!
sentimental addition
posted by
I love Lisa's Infinite Links!! I use them at home and have bought several to include on flowers or candles for gifts. Lisa features so many beautiful styles and messages that they are a perfect addition to any gift. Sharing love for others and God at the same time.
A gift of love beyond eternity
posted by
Not rated.
Infinite Links is not just the sharing of a message, a kind word, or a symbol of love and caring, but it affords an opportunity for me to share a little of Lisa's life with others and her passion for people. Each link and gift set that has been created is with you in mind. When you purchase your Infinite Links, please know that a little bit of Lisa's love and faith is within each of the messages you will share with others; and to others, it now carries with it love and thought from you. Infinite Links is more than a gift of metal, leather, and gemstones but a gift of love beyond eternity.
posted by
Infinite Links make a wonderful gift. I have given them for gifts for all holidays--the links are unique and add something special!
Infinite Links
posted by
I love how versatile the links are! I have given them as birthday and Christmas gifts and my daughter used them for her altar decorations for her wedding. I like that you can change the links for different holidays and occasions.

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