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Zazzy Bandz

The Redesigned Headband That Fits Like Sunglasses®
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The Redesigned Headband from Zazzy Bandz

October 21, 2021

Say goodbye to the days of headbands causing you a headache, and hello to an easy fix that both you and your hair will love! After finding a solution to a problem that many females have had for decades, founder Janet and her friend Laura set out on a mission to bring women everywhere a painless headband they would love! This solution is now known as Zazzy Bandz! Created with you in mind, Zazzy Bandz was crafted to be a comfortable solution you can wear all day long.

Uniquely shaped, these headbands provide a comfortable hold while giving your hair lift and style. Designed to be headache-free, Zazzy Bandz is shaped to mimic the way sunglasses sit upon your head. Show off your style and look your best with their various patterns and designs that match your personality. From neutral hair-blending colors to animal print, patterns, and more, Zazzy Bandz has a solution for everyone!

Worn best with medium to high volume hair, you can flip the band in either direction to achieve the look, feel, and fit you desire. Zazzy Bandz makes it easy to style your hair, giving it a more full and textured look. Pull back your bangs and rock a hairstyle you love with minimal effort. Available in Original Fit and Slim Relaxed Fit, you can choose which band fits best for maximum comfort.

Always looking to give back, Zazzy Bandz is a Christian-based brand that is committed to ministry and its philanthropic missions. Striving to empower women by helping them look and feel their best is just one of many ways Zazzy Bandz reaches out to its community. Every time you support Zazzy Bandz, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the children's physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being at Peniel Centre Orphanage in Zimbabwe. Additionally, they partner with a local nonprofit in Eastern Tennessee, A Hand Up for Women. This organization offers a helping hand to teach lifelong skills to enable women to improve their circumstances financially, professionally, and spiritually. Having an impact on the lives of many through their work, Zazzy Bandz is more than just a headband. Inspiring others to always look and feel their best, Zazzy Bandz is ready to lend a helping hand to you and others today!

Find out more about Zazzy Bandz at www.zazzybandz.com!



FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Zazzy Bandz

February 5, 2020

Zazzy Bandz has the perfect headband that will make your hair look voluminous and stylish, without giving you a headache!

Zazzy Bandz began with Janet Laster Purkey, M.D. and her desire to create a comfortable headband, opposed to the traditional headbands that just left her with headaches. While her reading glasses kept her hair out of her face and gave her a professional look that she enjoyed, she needed her glasses to read. Her solution? Zazzy Bandz!

Zazzy Bandz are unique headbands that fit like sunglasses on your head. They come in two different sizes—original fit and slim relaxed fit. You can also order these headbands in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as headbands wrapped in quality fabrics that add a little extra flair!

A portion of each purchase is used to give back and support the children and caregivers of Peniel Centre Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Zazzy Bandz is also partnered with A Hand Up For Women, located in East Tennessee. This nonprofit teaches women the skills they need to improve their lives financially, personally, and spiritually.

Find out more about Zazzy Bandz at www.zazzybandz.com or in the video below!

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Love at first site
posted by
Absolutely love this hair band. I use it every single week. At least one day a week. It helps my bad hair days not look so bad. It also helps pull my bangs out my face when they don’t want to act right.
Zazzy Bandz, The Redesigned Headband That Fits Like Sunglasses®
Get volume and style without the headache and experience the fit, feel and look that is right for you. Available in original fit and slim relaxed fit. The ease and comfort you get from Zazzy Bandz® will have you wearing your hair down without the headache you get from traditional headbands. Our one-of-a-kind headband provides volume and style without the headache. We have so many different patterns to choose from. Deciding on which Zazzy Bandz to wear from day to day is the hard part. • 1 Zazzy Bandz Sold = 1 Day of Education for a Child at Peniel Centre Orphanage • With influencers from all over the world, we're able to spread the news about Zazzy Bandz to so many individuals and they ask us every day, "Where can I find Zazzy Bandz near me?" Mention you saw us here on FG Market and we'll send a FREE sample of Zazzy Bandz for you to try. Website: https://www.zazzybandz.com
Our NEW Espresso Zazzy Bandz®
We introduce Espresso Zazzy Bandz. This slightly translucent color Zazzy Bandz, in rich shades of brown, worn with those tortoiseshell sunglasses is perfect.

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