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About FGmarket

Looking for new gift lines or supplies?

FGmarket is a retailer's direct connection to thousands of gift, supply and floral wholesalers. Our directory is a valuable resource that includes artisans, suppliers, manufacturers, growers, etc.

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You can locate particularly specialized products easily by browsing our menus or with the search box above. An endless supply of wholesalers are always just a click away.

Thousands of vendors to find what you need.

Helping you find wholesalers across the country who can provide what you need is just the start. FGmarket is your resource for supplies and products, plus information on the latest marketing trends and techniques.

History of FGmarket.com

Founded in 2003, FGmarket emerged as an online tradeshow for wholesalers and suppliers across the country. The idea was to give those who independently own retail stores and unique boutiques a way to connect with suppliers and wholesalers that meet their needs.

With Flower Shop Network as our parent company, we noticed local shops needed a better way to find suppliers and wholesalers, without having to leave their store. From the comfort of their computer, an average of 20,000 visitors search through our community of wholesalers per day to find everything they need for their business.

With FGmarket, we make it our business to help your business!

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