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AE Wholesale.com

Browse a Wide Variety of over 1,800 Home Decor & Gift Items, and Enjoy Free Ground Shipping on Orders over $50!
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AE Wholesale.com offers:

  • Baskets
  • Candles
    • All Occasion Candles
    • Candle Accessories
    • Candle Holders
      • Candelabras
      • Glass Candle Holders
      • Holiday Candle Holders
      • Large Candle Holders
      • Metal Candle Holders
      • Pillar Candle Holders
      • Sconce Candle Holders
      • Tealight Candle Holders
      • Votive Candle Holders
      • Wire Candle Holders
      • Wooden Candle Holders
      • Wrought Iron Candle Holders
  • Containers & Vases
    • Ceramic Containers
    • Decorative Containers
    • Planters - Pots
    • Vases
  • Furniture
    • Accent Furniture
  • Garden & Patio
    • Garden Decor
    • Garden Fountains
    • Garden Ironwork
    • Garden Planters
    • Garden Statues
    • Garden Wind Chimes
  • Holiday & Special Occasion
    • Christmas
      • Angels - Nativity
      • Ornaments
    • Valentines Day
      • Keepsake
  • Home Accents
    • Bookends
    • Candelabras
    • Candle Holders
      • Ceramic
      • Floral
      • Glass
      • Holiday
      • Iron
      • Lanterns
      • Resin
      • Sconces
      • Tea Lite
      • Votives
      • Wire
      • Wooden
      • Wrought Iron
    • Ceramic
    • Clocks
    • Collectibles
    • Figurines
    • Glass
    • Ironwork
    • Lighting
    • Ornaments
    • Planters - Pots
    • Sculpture - Statues
    • Style
      • Country
      • Primitive - Rustic
    • Vases
    • Wall Decor
      • Butterflies - Insects
      • Clocks
      • Fountains
      • Hooks
      • Mirrors
      • Shelves
  • Home Fragrance
    • Burners
    • Candles
    • Incense
    • Oils
  • Home Textiles
    • Pillows
  • Housewares
    • Kitchen
      • Salt & Pepper Shakers
      • Trays
  • Inspirational
    • Angels
      • Porcelain
    • Cherubs
    • Cultural
    • Fairies
    • Home Accents
    • Ornaments
    • Versed Products
  • Lighting & Lamps
    • Childrens
    • Novelty
    • Specialty
  • Novelty
    • Lighting & Lamps
    • Medieval Fantasy
      • Fairies
      • Unicorns
      • Wizards
    • Tools

Wholesale Items for Everyone at AEWholesale.com

November 24, 2020

Explore hundreds of wholesale items for your retail shop when you visit AEWholesale.com.

Established in 2004, AEWholesale.com opened its doors to become a reliable source of small businesses’ quality gifts. This family business, operated by husband and wife Annie and John Esser, has made it their mission to provide products for their beloved retail customers to help them succeed within their shops. Here to be your one-stop-shop for all things gifts and home decor, AEWholesale.com is your partner in retail business. 

Explore their wide selection of home decor, garden products, candle holders, gifts, furniture, and more. With so many products across a wide variety of price points, no matter what you’re looking for, AEWholesale.com has you covered. With the holiday season approaching quickly, it is important to keep your store shelves stocked with memorable gifts for your customers to choose from. From Halloween through Valentine’s Day, there is something for every holiday. AEWholesale.com’s decorative birdhouses are a beautiful way to bring life to you or a loved one’s backyard. These intricately-designed birdhouses are not only unique, but they also make for great gifts! There are dozens of options for you to explore on their website. 

Whether you’re searching for home decor or garden decor, there is plenty to choose from. AEWholesale.com allows you and your customers to bring out their home decor style with ease. Check out their candle lanterns! Allowing your customers to express their style, these lanterns are a top seller. AEWholesale.com is ready to help you with your wholesale needs. Check them out and allow them to help you get prepared for the upcoming season! 

Find out more about AEWholesale.com at www.aewholesale.com!


AEWholesale.com Has Everything Retailers Need, From Home Decor to Art Pieces

December 28, 2017

If you're looking for a wide-ranging selection of home decor products, as well as garden decor, candles, furniture, frames, and so much more, then there's no better place to shop than at AEWholesale.com.

AEWholesale.com is a family-owned company that was launched in 2004 by the husband and wife team of Annie and John Esser. They take pride in taking care of their wonderful retailer customers and helping them sell their products to a wider audience.

To get an idea of the products they offer on their website, you need to first explore the home decor category. This is the most popular category on AEWholesale.com, and they have hundreds of wonderful products available for purchase.

Just browsing through the home decor category, you'll find hundreds of amazing products that fit every style, preference and budget.

Everything from clocks and mirrors to vases, art pieces, and wall decor are available in the home decor category. Do you have customers that are looking for beautiful patterned throw pillows to compliment a recliner or a comfortable couch? AEWholesale.com has tons of fun pillow designs to choose from to make any piece of furniture pop with style!

Have a need for some unique art pieces or wall art? Why not explore AEWholesale.com's selection of beautiful works of art?

Modernize your home with a beautiful Lines Metal Wall Decor piece, a three-dimensional iron wall piece featuring crosshatched black lines.

If you're looking for something a little more sinister, maybe for a Halloween bash, try the See, Hear, Speak No Evil Skull Set. This trio of polyresin skull figurines are perfect for a modern Gothic feel.

Besides home decor, AEWholesale.com also specializes in amazing candle and candleholder products, such as the Diamond Flower Candle Holder. This elegant work of art features metal stem and leaves that reach up to the sky and come together to form a candle cup in the shape of a diamond bloom.

AEWholesale.com has everything a retailer needs when it comes to lovely home decor and more!

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