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Ariston Products / Almost Nuts!®

Ariston oils and balsamics: Greek for "the very best"! ~ Crazy Snack Food ~ call for wholesale pricing
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Ariston Products / Almost Nuts!® offers:

  • Candies & Confections
    • Chocolate Covered
      • Chocolate Covered Soybeans
    • Yogurt Covered
  • Gourmet Foods
    • Bulk Foods
      • Bulk Gourmet Oils
    • Glazes
      • Balsamic
    • Honey
    • Jellies & Jams
      • Orange
    • Natural - Organic
      • Soybeans
    • Nuts - Seeds
      • Soy Nuts - Soybeans
    • Oils
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Garlic Oil
      • Olive Oil
      • Specialty Oils
    • Olives
      • Green Olives
      • Imported
      • Kalamata
    • Snack Foods
      • Natural
      • Nuts
      • Soybeans
      • Wasabi Peas
    • Soy
      • Roasted Nuts
      • Soybeans - Edamame
    • Vinegars

FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Almost Nuts! ft. Ariston Products

February 13, 2019

Almost Nuts! is providing consumers with the best and finest goods around, now glad to supply their customers with products from Ariston!

Ariston, Greek for "The Very Best," began in 1997 as a small family business. Produced in the Kalamata region of Greece, their cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil made its first debut in Connecticut. Later on, they began offering balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy with a mission to provide the world quality oils and vinegars at a reasonable price. Their values are rooted in history, taste, quality, and wellness, with attention to detail paid to every product they sell. Their range of merchandise includes olive oils, balsamic vinegars, jams, marmalades, olives, and honey.

Their extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars are available in traditional or infused flavors, with their preserves offered in a variety of flavors and made with the finest ingredients. Ariston's genuine Greek Kalamon and green olives are hand-picked from the Messinia region of Greece, with the option to buy green olives stuffed with red peppers, garlic, or almonds. Their honey is made with honeycomb from wildflowers and comes with a piece a honeycomb in the jar, giving it a great authentic taste. To find out more information, check out the video below and order these great products here.


Delicious, Healthy Soybean Snacks with Almost Nuts

June 23, 2014
If there's one thing customers love, it's snack food. The problem lies in finding and carrying the particular snack food your customer base will enjoy. As more and more people focus on their health, traditional snacks are starting to fall by the wayside. Customers are demanding more choice, and that choice has to include more healthy alternatives for them to be comfortable opening their wallets. Now you can offer your customers the healthy snacks they crave from a family-owned business you can trust. Introducing Almost Nuts!

Providing Delicious Snacks

This company offers a handful of delicious snack food options that your customers will love:

  1. Oven-Roasted - The perfect choice for a customer looking for an unsweetened snack. They're soybeans roasted to perfection and are a perfect addition to soups, salads or just by the handful.
  2. Milk Chocolate - An excellent option for the healthy-minded customer looking for a little something sweet. They contain roasted soybeans coated in rich milk chocolate.
  3. Dark Chocolate - Quite the duo, the 70% cocoa dark chocolate and roasted soybeans combine to create a healthy explosion of flavor that every customer can enjoy.
  4. Yogurt - That's right, you can also get these roasted soybeans coated in a creamy, white yogurt that is sure to make your customers smile.

Putting Healthy Back in the Snack

The Kornowske family is dedicated to providing non-GMO soybean products to their customers. This is significant because the USDA reports that 90% of all soybeans produced in this country are GMO's. That means your customers never have to worry about the origins of the ingredients in their snack food. And soybeans are already rich in calcium and heart healthy. This company is ready to put the healthy back in the snack.

So if your customers are looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to regular snack foods, you want Almost Nuts!

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Healthy Soy Snack Food
Healthy Soy Snack Food

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