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Barrington Packaging Systems Group

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835 Barrington Point Rd
Barrington, IL 60010
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Barrington Packaging Systems Group offers:

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    • Delivery Packaging Equipment
  • Packaging & Gift Wrap
    • Bags
    • Clear Wrap
    • Labels
    • Machines
    • Shrink Film
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Innovative Technology From Barrington Packaging Systems Group

October 5, 2023

Step into the world of cutting-edge packing technology with Barrington Packaging Systems Group!

Barrington Packaging Systems Group paves the way in their industry by helping countless companies adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions. Their advanced machines are designed to provide sustainable packaging alternatives while enhancing efficiency to help businesses reduce the cost of labor and increase profit!

Sustainable packaging is a major step toward a greener future. Barrington Packaging Systems Group has made it their mission to help businesses cut back on environmental waste and embrace the future with paper cushioning machines. Typical packing materials, like styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap, are more expensive and wasteful in the long run.

Barrington Packaging Systems Group's paper cushioning machines optimize material usage by generating the exact amount of cushioning material needed for each package, in turn reducing waste and material costs. With the rise in environmental concerns, it's vital for companies to switch from traditional packaging materials to more sustainable options like the paper-based cushioning materials that they offer!

Barrington Packaging Systems Group's machines transform rolls of kraft paper into protective cushioning materials for shipping purposes! Kraft paper is made from wood pulp, which undergoes a unique pulping process called the Kraft process. This process results in a paper material that is strong, resilient, and tear-resistant, making it a sustainable and ideal choice for protective packaging applications! Their paper bubble machines lower the costs of packing material and shipping by creating on-demand cushioning materials and reducing package weight thanks to the lightness of Kraft paper.

Take a step towards a better future and elevate your packaging game with innovative and sustainable solutions from Barrington Packaging System Groups!

Contact George Burny at Barrington Packaging Systems Group today at 888-814-7999, ext. 1, to get started.

Find out more about Barrington Packaging Systems Group at www.bpsgusa.com!

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Great TEAM great products.
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I've had the pleasure of working with Barrington Packaging and I must say, their team and products are truly top-notch. The level of professionalism and dedication they bring to their work is commendable.
Paper Bubble Machine
These innovative machines are designed to cater to a wide range of packaging needs, all while being cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly. By utilizing kraft paper for cushioning materials instead of traditional styrofoam peanuts or plastic bubble wrap, these machines help to reduce package weight by half, resulting in significant shipping cost savings. Whether you need to protect delicate items with paper void fill, cushion products during shipment with paper cushioning, or create your own custom paper bubble wrap, our paper cushioning machines have got you covered.

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