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Delivery Redefined

Flowadrop offers:

  • Business & Technology Services
    • Business Opportunities
  • Delivery Accessories
    • Floral Delivery System
  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Floral Delivery System
      • Floral Carrier

Product Preview

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Routing Simplified

The #1 Delivery Platform Built For Florists

Flowadrop provides florists with an easy way to manage deliveries, scheduling and routing - with realtime tracking, route optimization, and guided navigation.


Contract Driver Support

The #1 Routing Platform That Supports Driver Payments

Flowadrop is the only routing platform that allows you to assign routes to internal drivers (W-2) and independent drivers (1099). Where contract drivers are used we take care of all routing fee calculations and nightly driver payments.
Did you know? Flowadrop can easily convert your existing drivers to contract drivers.
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Makes Delivery a Breeze
posted by
I have been struggling with deliveries and making it all work, but this software is great and simple to use. It is exactly what I needed for deliveries. They even have an option for independent drivers to help
Flowadrop Simplified Our Operation
posted by
Flowadrop has streamlined our delivery and given us options that did not used to exist including contract drivers.
Finally Something for Florists
posted by
Seldom do I write reviews, but this product deserves one. After over 30 years in business, using all types of solutions for delivery, we have found something that works and is geared towards florists.

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